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Friday, June 12, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: {my} world

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Quietly slipping a sealed, stamped envelope into the mailbox... I know it will be soon picked up and delivered to a waiting soul.  She doesn't know it yet -- but its coming.


Quietly filling aluminum pans, for easy clean-up.  A Blessing Meal is being prepared for a growing family.  Soon to be dropped off, consumed and (hopefully!) enjoyed.  They're anticipating.  They know it's coming.

In the meantime.

I received a phone call from one of my sisters who would like to take my three kiddos for the day - of play - with cousins, over at Grandma Rhoda's house and out for lunch.

Sure, I say.  I didn't anticipate this, but, I am certainly grateful...
The blessing is in the saying of ...Yes!

Another call - followed by a knock on the door.  A neighbor who would like to chat.
I make coffee amidst a meal-making strewn kitchen and sit down...mostly to listen.
Again.  Unanticipated...but, wonderful - just the same.

All of these are simple ways - in one single day -  where I can make a difference.  A small difference of influence...into what is known as my world.  Not to boast... but, just to say... I can do this!

I know this.
It starts at home.  In the home.  From the home  - into another - and there are many!  
Out there in this big, wild world!

Today's word prompt was : world
Joining today with Kate who hosts Five Minute Friday - every Friday - at Heading Home!


  1. I wished we lived closer!
    I'd love to chat with you over coffee.

    1. I say this to myself all the time. I would love this!!!

  2. Bevy, you are always so inspiring!
    I wish I lived next to you so I could pop over and
    sit at your table and chat!

    1. And, you too!! Corrine...I would love to have you just come on over and visit. :)

  3. I loved this, Bev. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're most certainly welcome - my friend!! Hope to see you again, one day - soon!!!!

  4. Lovely! It's as I was saying in my last post - there is much to do in the mundane!! It's all about the heart and glorifying Him - it doesn't have to be in "big" ways....because often these little things are BIG!

    1. "it doesn't have to be in "big" ways....because often these little things are BIG!"

      This very line - you said, here - is almost verbatim of something we heard in the Sunday sermon, yesterday.


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