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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life in the fast lane...

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Dare I go back a few days ago to Memorial Day weekend?

We attended a Wedding, Saturday - May 24th - which our kids were invited to attend, as well!  We all were super excited to see these "new" friends again - folks we met only a couple of months ago.
A beautiful day for an outdoor wedding!!  Very nice venue, as well!

This same weekend...
Scott and I began a journey that requires us to drink "pink" - every day!  Something we're feeling very, very hopeful about.

More on this - perhaps! another time - as time goes by.

And, so now - here we are on Monday (Memorial Day!) - with having Caleb's birthday party coming up, at the end of the week and my mind on that most of the time - I almost clear forgot all about the plans that were made to have friends (a family of six children) here for the evening of the Holiday!

Our friends came later in the evening, which was helpful... and it all came together quite well. No photos, though - as we were just too busy enjoying one another's company! However, here are a couple of photos of the kids, earlier that day, with a little "red, white and blue" from Grandma Susie (my MIL) - in helping to celebrate Memorial Day!

Caleb (and his daddy) also got to march in one of the local parades, first thing that morning - being in Cub Scouts and all.

As you can tell...
The laundry was sure to be done.  Holiday or not!

A new view out my kitchen window!!  After I was finished hanging my laundry - my MIL asked to borrow my clothespin bag (because she hadn't found hers yet, in all her unpacking...) and she asked me to "take a photo" - because THIS hadn't happened in a long, long time.  Her hanging out the laundry! I guess it had been years...she said. :)

One new dish we tried over this particular weekend - which seemed fitting with the holiday - was this Corndog Casserole. A rather kid-friendly dish - I must say!

Can I share the recipe with you - another time?  I promise you. I will.  The reason being is that I had combined two different recipes to put this one together... and I will have to work on that to pull it all back together.  I will make it happen, though.  I'm sure!

As life just keeps whizzing by .... in the fast lane.  I hope you don't mind I put on the brakes, tonight and made a "U-ee" in the road; going back a few days to play a little catch up.

I also think I can update Caleb's birthday post - with a few photos that my friend was able to capture for me, during the birthday party.  But - again, that will have to wait till another time.  I'll let you know when I've done that - so you can see them if you'd like.

That's all for tonight - my friends!!  Good night!

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  1. Your children are so adorable!

    I know just how your MIL feels! I hung my laundry up outside for the first time in years, too!
    Oh what a great feeling and smell!


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