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Thursday, June 11, 2015

{little} Surprises!!

... .. ... . ... . .... . .. ..... . . .... . .. ... ... ...... .
First a bucket-full...
of little surprises.

Not sure that I needed the reminder - but it was here all along!  Left in place from Caleb's 8th Birthday.  Surprise!
Those raindrops get me every. single. time.
Dutch Tomatoes.  Sliced tomato and onion.  Sprinkle of brown sugar (at last minute) with a splash of balsamic vinegar.
Buttercups... tucked in, under the mailbox.
Daises ... all of these - came up out of nowhere!!
Out the kitchen window...dark blue skies.
Pillowy white clouds...
field grasses blowing in the wind
showing the kiddos how to wear these... ?? ... I forget what they're called.
A cup of coffee at just the right moment!
This post meant to come out sometime yesterday.  But, as you keep reading you'll see why it didn't.  Too busy - enjoying the moments.
On this day... of many little surprises.  I made sure to be brave.  First thing...early morning, I went out to have a mammogram done.  No real reason, no reason to worry or be concerned - just routine!
It was my birthday!  Why not - treat myself to peace of mind.

I also planned to donate blood, later, in the afternoon.  Again, why not?  It's a privilege!

Why not, if blessed, be a blessing?
You see!  Part of the reason I was able to go and do these things... is because my husband has made it his "thing-to-do" - in that he'll take off (of work!) for each of our birthdays!  Making it easier to do "special things", as a family. or whatever needs to be done - for the day!

Later - we went out for dinner - as a family, including my mom and mother-in-law - and there, the kiddos blessed me with handmade cards and my favorite Reese's PB cups.  Even later, a ladies outing - with gals from church, to play a round of mini-golf, hit up the batting cages (some of the group, did!)  and to enjoy a scoop or two of my favorite ice cream in a waffle cone.

The day was full of Facebook Messages and phone calls, as well.

See?!?!  I told you it was a bucket FULL kind of day.


  1. So glad you had a wonderful Birthday... love the pics.... Enjoy...

  2. On Sunday, at our church fellowship diner, someone brought these tomatoes! They also had sprinkled on bit of feta cheese. They were delicious and makes me so excited for garden tomatoes!!!

    1. Oohhh... I never thought of feta cheese. Now, I've got to try that??

    2. Oohhh... I never thought of feta cheese. Now, I've got to try that??

  3. I have to ask.. with myself not liking to use sugar on any type of tomato recipe, does the mixture of brown sugar and balsamic vinegar even out the sweetness. I might just have to try this.. looks yummy..

    1. Yes! it does!! And... another thing to try sometime is this, with strawberries.


      Let me know what you think - if you ever give it a shot. You'll be pleasantly surprised!!
      oh - and as far as the brown sugar.. it's as much or as little as you'd like. Too much and the platter will or can get really runny - meaning lots of run off and hard to pass without spilling it on your neighbor. :) A little can go a long way. Experiment - with what works for you!

    2. Thanks Bevy, and yum with the strawberry idea....:)

  4. Awww! Sounds like a full day! I like so many of your photos and I'm coming to steal that tub in the first pic - I NEED it for my tomatoes! ;) I've never seen anyone put the keys (that's what I know them to be called) on their noses! LOVED that pic of Aubrey!!! They also are often called helicopters! I still can't wrap my head around your tomato dish there....I MAY try it...maybe....

    1. You should try it!! read my comment reply to Connie - up there!!

  5. Love all the flower photos! Gorgeous! And the raindrops on flowers always get me, too! :)

  6. Happy birthday!! And, those tomatoes are intriguing me...thank you for sharing on my blog and now here with a photo. Yummy!! What a sweet man you are blessed with...that he takes the birthday off from work. Just a little word about giving blood...I did it too much and found my iron reserves were in the ditch. If you give routinely, you might want to get your ferritin levels checked. Just learn from me (who had to learn the hard way)...Hugs! Camille

  7. What a blessed day! How fun! I recently found a Scrabble game at a garage sale and was so excited because I was wanting it mainly for the letters and writing things to add into my decor. I'm loving having them and using them.


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