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Thursday, June 25, 2015

meant to be {we have a winner!}

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One day this week (yes, this week...this crazy, busy week - which also has been packed with Baseball Camp for my son, during the day and in the evening VBS for all three kiddos...) I, along with my girlies and my mom-in-law, squeezed in a quick trip to my favorite area in all of the world... for a "fun" day of shopping.  My MIL, Susie-Mom, wanted to go along, too, and she had quite the list of items she wanted to find... and there were a couple of reasons why I needed to go, myself.
I could always run to Lancaster County, are you kidding?  There  is could always be a reason...(smile!)  Seriously!!

One of the main reasons was the fact that ...I had a birthday coupon (30% off) burning a literal hole through my pocket. ;)  My goal was to redeem this thing by the end of the month, and I had to, or it would have expired anyway.  I would've hated to lose that chance.

I was going HERE! - no matter what! :)  
Please tell me you have visited this place! If you haven't... you must!!

I absolutely love this store.

Here is what I ended up buying.   This wallhanging!

 I had been looking for something similar in nature for a long, long time. 
You know, that Family Creed - idea.

 I even thought I could probably end up making a sign like this myself.  I enjoy tinkering around with hand painting and wood or burlap and that sort of thing.  I've made a few things...

In my mind I would always see something like this on rustic barn wood or a portion of fencing - so that is what I've been looking for... not necessarily a burlap canvas idea.  

Either way.

The words... they captured me.

The phrases are pretty near everything we say (to encourage) regularly, as parents - amongst our little family.

I mean... the fact that my eyes immediately whelmed in tears in the middle of the store, the moment I saw this and read it through...I just knew.... this was meant to be a part of our home.

I'm so glad, too!  It brightens and fills this little corner, so well.

As well... a special thank-you - goes out again to my friend, Kaitlin, for all her hard work and for the sharing of her heart with us on my last Mugs & Muffins.
It takes bravery and boldness to be so vulnerable... as an author, you're never sure if anyone will care or read or will say anything (via comments) and so I applaud all of you who have read and or commented; for simply showing up and making my guest feel welcomed.

And now... who will the winner be??  Let's find out...
Where is my son for the drumroll please?   He loves doing and saying this...phrase.  It's an 8 year old's prerogative, I suppose.  Really - the truth is... I need his hat! :)

So... pulling out of the hat!!  We have....
Looks like someone just got home from Baseball Camp.  And, that's because he just did!!   Look at those dirty hands... yikes!
Congratulations, Camille!!
Looks like you're the winner!!

Camille of  Flowers in His Garden

** I don't believe I have your mailing address, Camille - so I will contact you through email to obtain that information...if that is okay?  Thank you, again, for your readership as well as your friendship.  You are a sweet, sweet soul.  I'm grateful to know you- even if it just a tad, via online through blogland. :)

God bless!!


  1. So what store is your favorite and can you share where else you went?

    1. It's there in the link... do you see the word HERE! that is in brown. If you scroll over that and click on it, Brenda, it will open up a new page - linked to what I'm talking about. That is part of the fun of blogging. :) Keeping my readers engaged. LOL!

      Oh - and yes.. the other reason I HAD to go to Lancaster .. was to go to Shady Maple (grocery) and take advantage of a chicken sale going on. 40 lbs of boneless, skinless thighs for a buck twenty-five a pound. I had to! And-- so we just brought that all home and put them through a vacuum seal for packaging and threw them in the freezer. YEAH!!!!!!!!!
      So, we just stayed pretty local to that area - or I would have really worn my MIL and girls out. LOL! But -- that is so hard on a fun shopping day... I would have loved to have kept going... and hit all the fun places I hardly get to anymore. One of these days we'll have to go out together... take Gwen along!! Yes??

  2. Thank you SO much, Bevy! What a sweet surprise. Hugs, Camille


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