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Monday, June 8, 2015

These Last Couple Days of School

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In the last couple of days, here... there have been:
End-of-school picnics and parties!
An Alphabet Parade to attend!
Teacher gifts to make. :)  
(We wouldn't have to, but we just wanted to!)
Art to enjoy...
Yearbooks to browse.

Memories to share.  Stories to tell.
No more homework!!

And tomorrow - June 9th! - will be the last time of seeing the bus roll to a stop at the end of our driveway... for this particular school year!

It's been a great year!!  And - we're so proud of our two older kids, for all their hard work and diligence into making this school year an easy-go.  It really was a wonderful school year!
Normally, the kids are home by 4pm, but for today and tomorrow - we have early-dismissals.  Yeah!!

For the parade.  There were, representing, A, B and, C... and so on!
Angry birds, airplanes, ballerinas.
An eskimo, exercising elephants and
living legos. Phillies phans, and golden grahams...
A queen.  Wizards and waltzing witches, and a zebra that like to walk in a zig-zag.

All of the letters, were included - of course!!
Such creativity and fun costumes...

Representing the letter .... ?
She's holding a needle in her hand!  There is a clue... ;)
Nurse Aubrey making some noise...
Proud little sister - can you tell?

There is a little story behind the nurse outfit that Aubrey is wearing.  It was handmade by Aubrey's Great-grandmother, Ruth Y. Carpenter (one for whom Aubrey was named after) ...for her daughter, Susan.  Which is Aubrey's grandmother!
School's halloween parade.

Grandma Susie says Aubrey probably got to wear this outfit (in public) more than she ever did. :) And, she was more than excited to be invited to go along and watch the Alphabet Parade, with little sister, Jayne, and I.

Can you guess which letter Aubrey represented?

If you guessed  the letter "N" - you were correct!
Here are a couple of gifts we put together for the homeroom teachers.  You can see more of the same idea in my shop!  Psst.  If you still need a teacher gift -- hint, hint, there are various items available there.:)
"Summertime" - pocket pouch
Gift to be given to Aubrey's Kindergarten Teacher
"Summer Evening" - pocket pouch
Gift to be given to Caleb's 2nd grade Teacher

I carefully tucked inside, little gifts* which include: a pack of gum or mints, hand lotion, tissues and a few gift cards to use as they please!  As well - a handwritten note, from both Caleb and Aubrey, to their respective teachers, to personally say Thank You!
((**items inside are not included in any of the pocket pouches on line.))

Do you give out, did you give out, Teacher Appreciation gifts?  
I'm curious of some other ideas or suggestions that are out there.
The highly anticipated yearbook::

This piece was one of Caleb's pieces of artwork which was featured in this year's yearbook!  Surprise!!
Aubrey found the photo while thumbing through the yearbook, the other day - ecstatic that her brother finally had something featured in the artworld, as well!!   Good job - Caleb!!
And, he-rrre comes the big yellow bus! sscreech!

Nothing like running in across the yard to either Mom or Dad who are standing by, waiting, to welcome them home!!
This year's bus driver was absolutely fabulous!!  So kind.  So friendly.  So cheery!!
  We all hope she's the same one for next year!  In the meantime - we have a full - action packed summer to enjoy!!

Let's get started!!


  1. Busy and fun!! I live Caleb's art!!!! Enjoy the start of your summer vacation - my gals have another week and a half to go!

  2. And I thought Kylie was in school late this year... her last day was May 29th... I am so glad the summer vacation time has hit for you... Sorry Kaitlin another week and a half to go.. Kylie's school always starts the first week of August so maybe this why she is out earlier.. Her actual last day was suppose to be May 14 but due to snow day makeup, it was 29th... I know for us we are loving the time to sleep in until at least 8... but not me, I am a early riser so I am up and enjoying that quiet time in the am ... Loved the art, and all the photos... Enjoy the start to summer break... XO


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