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Monday, July 27, 2015

Deep Breathe

... . .. . .. . .. .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .... . .. . . . . .. . . . .. .
It is often life's smallest pleasures and gentlest joys
that make the biggest and most lasting difference.
~ unknown

I love how the weekends roll into a slow and steady stop and it's time to settle in from the day...to start a new week!

Pictures can only tell so much.  And, there is no way to capture - truly - all of its goodness.

Like... I missed photos of working together in the garden, up at my aunt's place - gathering harvest, picnicking at the park and swimming at its pool.  Sleeping in our new tent -in the backyard.
Homemade waffles and ice cream for Sunday dinner.  And, working together to help Grandma Susie unload her car from her recent trip to NY, via the use of our big red wagon.  Welcome home, Grandma!!
Another favorite moment is hearing the request for family devotions, by the kiddos (making sure it happens); sitting around God's Word and talking through the devotional (using Keys for Kids) - relating it the sermon from earlier in the day.

All of this... could have been included here.

The bonds of family-ties are ever growing, deepening; maturing, and it's been fun (wonderful) to find the rhythm that make it flow so well.

A deep-breathe sort of moment.
God is so good!  I give Him all the praise.

Home to me is laughter...
Kisses on my cheek when they're least expected;
Glances filled with gladness;
The happiness in knowing
I'm a portion of
My family's fulfillment.
Home to me... is love!
~ June Brown Harris
Now.. this morning... I'm off to tackling green beans and the abundance of cucumbers (turning into our favorite pickle relish, as well as, old-fashioned bread and butter pickles)

Happy Monday!!


  1. Oh Bevy, this is just what I needed this Monday morning... been up early, my heart is heavy.. visited with my boy over the weekend, this is his last visit until he comes home again... he will be moving to Texas this week, so if you would please keep him in your prayers... I have to share, although as a family we always have done group hugs, but yesterday's Hug was so much more.. the goodness in your post, brought smiles to my face this morning, and tell Jayne I love cows too.. she is so precious, then those feet... reminds me of my boy, and Aubrey playing on the sidewalk.. simple times are the best... and so ya know if I wasnt eight hours away, I would help ya in the garden, and have some wonderful conversation... I really cherish the friendship that we have built.. Bless you sweet girl,, and keep sharing... and Welcome home to Grandma... This HUG is meant for you today... p.s if you are still interested in a Zucchini Bread recipe, I have one that I think is fab... Its Zucchini Pineapple bread... so yummy and I baked mine in a mason jar... perfect for tea parties... or gatherings... I will send it to you via email if you would like it, but in case ya don't that's ok too... :)

    1. Oh please, yes!! send me your recipe Connie. I would love to try it. And - in a mason jar? Do tell.

      I would love to have you close by. It would be such a blessing to have you come for a visit. 8 hours is absolutely nothing. Let me know - when!! And - I'll leave the light on for you - as well. :)

      Hugs and prayers your way - my friend. Be blessed!! I know your heart is heavy - but He'll carry you. Burdens and all. Jesus loves you, so!!

    2. Ok Bevy, I will get the recipe ready, but it may take me a day or two... and I will send the Mason jar instructions too.. and your so sweet by leaving the light on.. maybe someday, Hubby is from up north and we may just pass thru.. and of course I will let ya know in advance so we can meet... and I know he is carrying me, but this mama's heart will miss him dearly... but we must set them free...

  2. You have such a beautiful blog and a way of presenting daily life that makes it a joy to read here.

  3. I loved so many of these pictures!! The artistic ones and the sweet moments ones! *sigh* Makes me miss you all so much! :) You got a lefty there eh? Jayne?? I don't remember are you or Scott left handed...my brain is trying to tell me it's you?!?!? lol!!!

    1. Nope - it's not me!! Nor my hubby. She has a couple of aunts and uncles and even a second cousin or two... that are lefty's.

      Missin' you - just the same. Please come visit, soon. I'm praying. Hard!!!


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