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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Random Bits and Pieces, with an updated progress report with Bags by Bevy!

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Like Mother.  Like Daughters!
In many ways I hope this is true.  That the positive will far outweigh the negative.

My Zinnia's are in full bloom.  We picked our first bouquet, of our very best zinnias to send next-door to our neighbor, friend and the kids' Aunt Kels.  My sister-in-law. :)
I love tucking fresh dill into the vase to give it some feathery flair. :)

I say of our very best flowers because we ALL OF A SUDDEN we've had a serious infestation of Japanese Beetles.
They are really chewing up the zinnia, green beans and the marigold I have planted.  What is nice... is that the beans are blooming and these are just for "fun".  The kiddo's love to go running by and pick a handful of green beans to munch on while playing.
As far as ridding of the beetles... well...
I have the bucket of soapy water standing by.  And - we just handpick them off as we can.  Unless you know of another way - I'm all ears.

I'll have more green beans to pick. later this week - up at my Aunt Mary's place!  Same as last year.  It sounds like there will be an abundance.

I may even offer some up to several who need. :)

At the end of this post,  the other day, I talked about needing to finish up some sewing.  If you're curious - I thought you might be wondering how that all fared...?

If you recall... I had two Clothespin Bags to finish hand embroidery on.  The results of that; one was chosen and the other is now in my etsy shop! :)  This is the one that was chosen.  You'll have vist my etsy shop to see the other one that is now listed.

:: For the Love of Laundry ::
Clothespin Bag
Sold to Gail R.

I also had an order for 12 Tea Wallets to made.  Those are also finished and in the mail to lady who ordered those.  Here is a sampling photo of what they all were.  She requested them to be in earthy tones... but left it up to me to "do my thing".
:: Tea Wallet ::
holds two tea bags 
total of 12 sold to Rebekah S.

I also mentioned that I had another bag request, to come - and that that was to be decided upon that same evening.  Well... rather than me making another... the friend decided to go ahead and buy a bag off of my site, instead.


:: Travelling On ::
Overnight Bag 
Sold to Robin M.

I am so glad this bag has travelled on. It was one of my favorites.  I love the way it turned out.  But - it had been in my shop for awhile and I'm glad to see it go to someone who now loves it as much as I.

All of these sewing projects were to be done on or before the 18th!  I really feel grateful to have all of these orders behind me.  One of the things that helped was that my husband and son were on a Cub Adventure Camp Trip for most of the week, last week.  And, another thing or two that really helped was that my middle daughter was at GOOD NEWS CAMP (day camp) all week.  As well, one of the days, in the afternoon, my youngest went to visit Grandma Rhoda - and so that freed me up to really concentrate on these orders and get them knocked out so easily!


Guess what I'll be wrapping up this week?  The finishing touches to the "rearrange" upstairs.  There are a few drawers and bins that need to be gone through and switched out.  And - then it's DONE!!!!!!!

And... green beans!  Did I mention them already.. Yes, I did.  I'll have them coming out of my ears before I know it. That'll probably be Thursday and Friday.

My two older kids will be at Good News Camp this week and next.  This week were bringing along my niece and nephew... its fun to have them join us.

Oh --- and one more thing to be thinking about.  A Family Reunion (this will its 71st year of gathering)...and I need to think about food prep for that, as well as games for the littles!! :)

I told you this post would a bunch of bits and pieces.  I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Cute picture of your girls!!! Nice projects, I'm happy to hear you got everything done and seemed to keep your sanity?! ;)

  2. I love it when you share Bits and Pieces... girls, and flowers are beautiful, and it is so nice to read that someone purchased that pretty bag.. as well as 12 tea cozies.. I can see a group of ladies having tea, and each pull out that cozy... so cute... yes a quick vision there...lol... Anyway, you are a lucky girl, to have green beans to look forward to doing.. I love snapping green beans just like my mamaw did... take care, and pray for the communities around me, severe storms and lots, lots of flooding... People are missing... so sad... and some fatalities... more of bad weather today... but its in God's hands...

  3. I remember when you first started out seeing and selling your Bevy Bags! Now look, you have a "shop" and so many delighted customers.
    I am so happy for you and how far you have come. (I only wished we lived closer so I could give you a hug).

  4. I love your bags; they are just adorable and make me long to get my fingers into some materials. I really love your taste and design.

  5. I love that photo of your girls. Very sweet! And it's fun to see all of your sewing projects!

  6. Wonderful Bits and Pieces . Lovely photos to and your sewing crafts are fantastic good for you on the selling of them. Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !


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