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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Refreshing Rearrange {Can there really ever be such a thing?}

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I wasn't feeling too well this afternoon, and, as well, have been super busy this past week and a half trying to rearrange the whole of our upstairs.
Moving my entire sewing room/stuff into our bedroom.  Which allows our son to have pretty much his own room, now - short of sharing it with Dad  - for Scott's office use.

Getting rid of a toddler crib/bed - so that the two girls can have full use of the bunk beds.  Which creates a whole new look in their bedroom.  They are loving this!!
Getting rid of baby things and such.. things that we no longer have need of.

So - I. like I said, have been 'overwhelmed' busy with all of this... and on top of not feeling well.
I needed to take a break... after dinner, tonight.

I grabbed my camera and went outdoors to snap a few photos.  Granted, they're all of about the same thing... 
But who doesn't like a whiff of lovely lavender, sprinkled with a handful of buttercups and a johnny-jump-up here and there?
Ahhh... and the sweet summer evening - as the sun is on its way to setting in the west!

I love all the shadows  of the lavender on the white fence, in the background.
I'm tired.  But, there is still some more to do!  And, a shower will feel good to wash away the day.
As well, now... I'll be planning on making several trips to the local Five & Dime- as my hubby calls it, later this week or early... next.

By the way -- Scott was the one fully helping with the rearranging of furniture and such.  There was no way I could have done this all by myself.  And - of course!!  No pictures of all of this in action - is there?  (that's okay...)

FEELS SO GOOD!!  Wow... this clean-out and rearrange feels good.  
Even though I don't especially love it.  If you know what I mean? 
 I suppose I will grow accustomed to it.  Eventually.

Because - this really had to happen.  It's just that change is never easy, for me!

How about you?  Do you enjoy this sort of thing... rearranging and disposing of things?
Finding things you never remembered you had in the first place?  Oh boy!!!!


  1. I LOVE that second last lavender photo!! So pretty!! Do you use your lavender to make things??

    As for me, well you know I like to re-arrange!!! And pruging is NEVER easy but it does feel sooo good when it's done!! We have to have a BIG yard sale but ugh, that's so much work!! :P
    I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! I'd so love to come make you some coffee, you put your feet up and I'll putter about cleaning/organizing up the rest there! ;) SO...when can we come???

    1. So - Kaitlin -- read the response to Connie's comment just below yours and you'll never NEVER in a million years believe this. I haven't told you this... but in the month and more that we've been on this product... I can hardly drink coffee. I may have had a whole pot of coffee over the course of one month - versus what I used to do and that was at least one pot a day! Now... call it what you may. Progress or shameful... because I sure do miss my drinking coffee (just-because - social-hour) but ... I am feeling so much better.

      Come visit and we'll talk about it. :) Name the date(s) and time.... we'll leave the light on for you!! Seriously!

    2. Omgosh, I love how you(Bevy) told her that you will leave the light on for you... Oh my goodness how sweet... Bevy, you know I dont do coffee, but I so get where you are coming from... I was so hooked on Diet Coke... and it is so,so bad for the body.. Nothing would satisfy my thirst but it... I like to never gave it up... but my body became so saturated with it that it started to gag me.. so I just stopped drinking it... I still have one on occasion but I cant do a whole 20 oz anymore.. which is great... Sounds like you and Scott are on a good thing.. and oh weight is so hard to get rid of.. Just wanted to share... take care... and you girls share the sweetest conversations... love this...

  2. First, Sorry you are not feeling well, will keep you in my prayers. Do you still have effects from the Lyme Disease? The pics are beautiful... You sure captured the beauty of those flowers.. and yes, refreshing it is to purge things, and get job accomplished.. Scott sounds like my hubby, always ready to lend a hand... We are lucky... and I am so thankful... take care, try to rest, and Enjoy the 4th if ya can... Bless you sweet friend...

    1. I don't know if it's the Lyme right now or not.. it feels like a summer cold - in my throat and chest... but, I'm also going through a detox right now... with some supplements that we have been taking and they have been working wonders!!!!!!!! (a side benefit is losing of some weight for both Scott and - we are just super-duper excited about them! -- anyway...)

      Thank you for your prayers.. .I greatly appreciate. The furniture is all rearranged - now its the sorting of clothes, changing over drawers and filtering through fabrics I've collected :) and try to condense....

      We are blessed to have husbands - willing to lend a hand to help out and on my end - to keep motivated. :) Happy 4th to you, as well.

  3. You are blessed with such great friends!

    1. I know. And YOU are one of them!! :)

      I say that all the time... I'm very blessed! There was a time I considered that to be one of my words... blessed! (you know the word for the year? kind of thing...) I think that should be lifetime word. :) Blessed!

      I really do thank God for your sweet friendship - though so many, many miles in between.

  4. Oh Bevy, I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you get better soon. You know, I love to rearrange and purge. It just makes my heart feel better to have less and have things organized. I am sure your rooms look wonderful and the kids are enjoying them. Hope you have a great 4th...and that you are feeling much better by then!



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