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Thursday, July 30, 2015

rethink it and go for it anyway

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The story behind the photo...

It was one of those moments... outdoors with the camera... and the sun was shining bright behind me. VERY bright.  I noticed two moths flying around the garden area and of course the beetles, they're everywhere.  Too many.

I love playing with the macro settings on this camera, yet I couldn't see a thing -due to the sun-glare in my frame, from over my shoulder. This was going to be, pretty much, a shot in the dark.  :) Thought maybe I could get something for this week's challenge  But, you know... every time I came near, these moths would fly off.  Basically, becoming impatient and discouraged... I nearly gave up.


I opted to try; to just position the camera toward what and where I thought these two moths had finally settled down (perhaps having a conversation?) and yes, I had thought of this quote-prompt, for this week.  Wondering, how could I make this work.
"Oh what if I fall?"
"Oh but my darling, what if you fly?"
                  - Erin Hanson
Lo and behold, in the frame - there sat a beetle!  Giving his bit of sage advice and encouragement to the moth as it appears she is about to go off the edge in a full-fledged fail ... or flight? Her beetle-bud encourages... and cheers her on!!


I guess you could say the quote was true for me - too!  Reminiscent in the fact that I questioned myself..."what if I fall. What if I fail?"  - No... the reality was..."What if you actually get a decent shot? - even if it was in the dark!!"  The challenge was to rethink this whole thing and go for it anyway.  You'll never know - unless you try.

This is true for many areas in life - outside of photography skills... for sure!!  And, if you're not sure you believe me - go ahead and hop on over to Kaitlin's blog.  Her post today - hits home.  Hard.  Basically, saying the same thing as I on this very topic.  However, her words are epic and her photo is simply beautiful.   Encouraging all the way.

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  1. What a great picture!! Bevy dear, so many photos I take, I take 'blind"!! I think I see the shot but can't quite get myself behind the lens to take it (either too low, too high, too awkward, etc.) so I point and shoot and often LOVE what happens!! :D Glad you took the chance to test your "wings"! ;) ♥

  2. Such a good reminder.. I think of my son, I can see and hear the fear about this new adventure in Texas, but I can also hear the excitement.. So I pray that all goes well, and what I taught him will get him thru.. So many times, fear has held me back and as I have aged I have learned to just go for it.. Love your photos...

  3. I think it is a wonderful photo , that's the thing about photography is patients and take lots of photos cause a few are bound to come out good that is what the pros say . I do a lot of nature photography have done for years and I enjoy not only photographing them all but studying them as well getting to know their movements and characters . The reason moths bugs and butterfly's fly away when you get near them is they can feel the vibration of your foot steps on the ground and that is a flight or fight situation for them . I step light slow and gentle sneak up on when approaching them and so far so good not to much movement from me when taking the shots and it seems to work out well . As I say to all other photographers just have fun cause that's what it's all about . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !


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