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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Faith Walk

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You gotta love this photo!  It doesn't really go with the post and yet, in some ways it does.  I just had to share!

Have you ever participated in what is called a faith-fall?
I have.

If you're not sure what that is or what it looks like... let me try to describe it to you.
In my particular, first-hand experience - I was at a church/school function where we did a couple of different group activities to try and emphasize what would be called faith in action.

For the one... the faith-fall... there was a stage, and down on the floor at the edge of the stage were two lines of people, facing one another.  Three or four people in each line.  They stood with their arms held out in front of them - creating a "net".  The object was for the one person on the stage to face away from them, with eyes closed and to cross his/her arms in front of themselves (so as not to flail and possibly cause injury to either themselves or the others) and when they were ready... they were to just fall backwards into the arms of the folks waiting below.  

I guess if you wanted to really test your faith.  You could have chosen to lie underneath the outstretched arms as someone fell... and pray to God they didn't drop the person and he or she land right on you.

We all had to take our turns... as a group.  And, this wasn't easy.  It honestly took courage.  For me, at least. Trust.  Believing that these folks were going to be there for me when I fell.

That was so many years ago and to this day I can still remember "the feeling".  
The moment of waver.  The decision to take action.
The taking of a deep breath and letting go - falling, falling, falling.  
Granted I didn't have to fall far.  But when you really can't see - what is about to come.  And you have to go - not knowing??

Oh friend... this is faith!!

A faith walk of sorts.  Going - not knowing.

This makes me think of another little quote that I have hand written into the side margin of my Bible.
I read it often because it so encouraging.

Doubt sees the obstacles, 
Faith sees the way.
Doubt see the darkest night,
Faith sees the day.
Doubt dreads to take a step,
Faith soars on high.
Doubt questions, "who believes?",
Faith answers, "I".
~ Author Unknown
In some ways... that little act that I just described us students doing.. was like a picture of when faith literally falls and fails.  Be encouraged.  Instead, remember - faith calls us to rise.  And to take comfort in the arms that hold us up  and that call us onward and upward to trust.


  1. I have heard of the faith fall but have never done it. I think it is terrifying and takes a lot of courage (or trust) to fall backwards into the unknown. Thank you for this. It just spoke to me so very strongly. I used to have a copy of that poem on the wall of my bedroom. Don't know whatever happened to it. I think I'll print it out and post it again.

  2. I am finally getting around to checking your blog - Summer has been full! This post is so encouraging to me, as I take a deep breath and plunge forward into the unknown! The past few days I have been wavering for some reason... I guess as time flies by me, the day is drawing nearer for our big move, which means reality of living far away also draws near. I love the little poem, I am going to write it out to remind me that we are not alone! :)

    We were just talking about you all today! I would so love to be able to get together before we head South. I hope for all the children to be around? My children would love the opportunity to see them again!


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