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Friday, August 28, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Alone

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We did not expect a fun day filled with back-to-school shopping and out to lunch with Grandma Susie to be altered and rearranged by a falling off and out of the monkey bars, in our backyard playground...leading us to head to the ER with what we thought and hoped was only a dislocation.  
Nope!!  Let's try a fractured elbow.

This could have been a lot worse.  There were some definite tears from our little girl - but not a lot of drama. Perhaps, a bit unusual? And then, there was a quick-thinking little sister to come and get us - for help!! This had to be for real. I could tell...this was serious, but I've seen worse. (With a younger sister of mine - similar story!)

 However... we are so thankful for several reasons.

One... we're grateful that the elbow bones stayed pretty much aligned and that they probably will forego having to do surgery. PTL!! Which is a pretty typical result with fractured elbows.
We'll go back in a week for follow-up x-rays to determine how it's healing.

Secondly... we're glad it was the left elbow/arm.  So, that it will not affect the back-to-school that happens Monday AM!  At least she can still write and draw... which she's already been doing.

Thirdly... there will be insurance changes coming later this upcoming week.  I could mention, "timing is everything".  Or, God's sense of humor.  Instead.  How about... God is gracious!!

For Aubrey.  She's realizing its quite amazing with what you can do, with what you have to work with; when you have to!  Oh my girl is so creative!!  And... this only happened last evening.  Freshly casted this morning!! Still there will be a lot of sitting on the sidelines....for awhile. 
 Hopefully, not alone...or, at least made to feel that way!!

What a brave girl!!

So, as its been decided - someone needs to ride the Princess bike.  We wouldn't want it to be left alone, either!!

I was glad I could be with my Aubrey...during this time.  I've been here, myself, with similar.  So, I could certainly relate.  She knew she wasn't in this all on her own...in more ways than one!

We just ask that your prayers join ours for Aubrey's complete healing!

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  1. Awe sorry to hear this, will certainly keep her in my prayers for quick healing!


  2. Bless her heart! Joining you from FMF.

  3. Oh no... but at least there was some good points, (left hand, bone alignment, insurance) and she looks like a beautiful little trooper.. Will be praying for your sweet girl, and for a smooth start to school... Also give Jayne a Big High FIve for acting so quickly for her sister... Prayers for you to Bevy, things like these are so hard on the mama... XOXO

  4. You have quite a nice blog here. Sorry about the elbow. Glad no surgery.


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