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Monday, August 17, 2015

Quietly quilting... amongst other things!!

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From a 1930 diary from Upper Frederick Township, Montgomery Co.:
September 2, Tuesday:  Put quilt in a frame.
September 5, Friday: Finished quilt.
We will assume that the writer of this diary knotted rather than quilted the quilt, since the diary states that during this time she also canned three baskets of peaches.

~ selected from The Quiltie Ladies Scrapbook, Variable Star Quilters

** Aubrey, my six year old, took these quilting photos.

Here I am, working on another project - a baby quilt - due for someone by mid-September. One of my favorite past times, is hand quilting... which I haven't done in a long time.  I'll admit, I felt a bit rusty at it, for a few moments.  Now...all is well.  :) 
And, I'm having such a relaxing time...doing this!!  I'll often sit down - at the end of the day - while the kiddos' are already tucked into bed for the night and sew while Scott is studying or catching up on Scout stuff. :)

I'm not making any promises, because I do have a lot of things to share... but... If you don't hear from me in awhile... it's because, I'm quilting...among...a few other things, this week!  
Such as, enjoying some fresh peaches - that need to be eaten as fast possible.  The tomatoes here are only a smidge of a fraction of the tomatoes I have sitting here around the house... but, I'll be canning Salsa, canning some Red Beets (see our friend, hiding in the leaves? Caleb named him "Manny".) and doing up some more Crabapple Jam.  I put up one batch of crab apple jam...last week!  I probably could do two more... we'll see if I have enough jars on hand... for all of this.

Oh and we can't forget - hanging the laundry and a couple of playdates, all before the start of school on the 31st!!

Have a lovely week!!

** This post was featured with The Art of Homemaking Monday.


  1. I know quite a bit about quilting since my mother was a quilter. Your stitches are so neat and even!
    I don't know how you have time to do so much with three children to take care of. You are a wonder to me. Enjoy these waning days of summer. Wish there were more of summer to enjoy. I could use another month.

  2. I know this is not the first time Aubrey has been your photographer. She does a really great job!
    Does she enjoy doing it? You never know, this could be the start of something grand.

    I agree with Kathy, your hand quilting is beautiful.

  3. That is a STUNNING quilt and it's not even done yet!!! I wondered how people got the patterns so perfect (the design, not the stitch, I know the stitch is pure talent! ;) ) thanks for sharing how the patterns are done!! And yes, as Christine said, Aubrey really has a talent!!! I can totally 'hear' Caleb calling that little fella "Manny!" lol!!! And WHAT?!?! You're kids start on the 31st, crazy - mine are off until the 8th of September!! (though I know you're are out earlier then mine) Enjoy these last busy days!! ♥

  4. My grandmother use to hand quilt, such talent.. and Bevy it looks lovely so far.. My girl started back in school on the 5th of August.. so we are back into the routine.. I wish we didn't start back until after Labor Day the way it use to be.. But that is the perils of public school days... One thing is grand though, Kentucky or at least our county is offering free lunch and breakfast for all students... a whopping savings of 320 a school year.. and its a great thing for the children that just never have enough.. they even set up tables in class rooms for snacks at the end of the day, so the kids don't go hungry.. and this is for all the schools in our district, not just elementary, its middle and high school as well.... and Yes, I think your sweet girl has the eye with the camera... Lovely photos... love ya girl...

  5. That sweet Aubrey surely must enjoy photography because she does such an amazing job! You do have a lot to accomplish by the end of the month...but slow and steady gets the job done. I wish we lived closer. :-) xo

  6. Look at all that gorgeousness! That quilt is beautiful!!! You are so talented. What an amazing gift from your Father.


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