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Monday, August 10, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook - August edition

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Oh wow!!  I haven't done one of these Simple Women's Daybooks in a long time... 
Thanks for reading along!!
For Today... the tenth day of August, year two thousand fifteen!  This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24, KJV)

Outside my window... beautiful morning sunshine.  Cooler temperatures, this morning! I hear it is to turn into a rather rainy day - later on.  And its noisy!! With the heavy stream of cars & trucks heading up and down the road - as folks are heading off to work.

I am thinking... I love it that my kiddos are still sound asleep - as I type.  We've had an enjoyable evening, yesterday, as guests - using a pool and having dinner on the grill. They played hard...and had a blast.  Let em sleep!!

I am thankful... my hubby has a pretty good job and one that he thoroughly enjoys  - although very stressful at times. Especially, this week!!

I am wearing... a black t-shirt and a silky polka dot knee-length skirt.  Perfect for a summer day!!

I am creating... a dear friend (old co-worker) of mine asked me if I would hand-quilt a baby quilt for her.  Right now, I'm still in the marking process.. actually, I have started the quilting on some of the straight areas.  I love this!! I'm so glad she asked me if I knew of anyone who would want to do this sort of thing.  She couldn't get it past me.  I swiped it up. :)

I am going... to be helping out some dear friends of mine today - while watching their three kiddos'... so that they can continue and wrap packing - as they plan to move out of state - early on Tuesday AM!

I am wondering... how the day will unfold. Naturally.

I am reading... Well.  Currently... as it's the story of my life... I'm reading two to three books at a time. And - all of these, at best, are being read sporadically.  The one I've been most consistent in is: Love Walked Among Us by Paul E. Miller.

I am hoping... to really enjoy my day today!!  I just got word that another friend and her four little ones will be joining us for the day.

I am learning...  as you can see or have been reading... I started this post way earlier in the morning... and that sometimes it just needs to stop - take time to live life... and then catch back up later.   To go more readily with the flow.. I guess, is what you could say - I'm learning!!

In my garden... are mostly flowers.  But, a few green beans to pick and enjoy eating on the run- (the kids love them) and a few herbs, as well.  Lots of bouquets are made and shared...
Since we don't have a vegetable garden here... I do get some things handed my way.  The usual fare of zucchini, lettuce, kale, cucumbers and tomatoes...

In my kitchen...I'm getting very creative with zucchini.  Preparing it different ways. I'm sure everyone is... because of zucchini being such a bumper crop, this year. One of the ways I plan to use some this evening is to throw a handful of shredded zucc. into a tasty batch of sloppy joe mixture.. a.k.a. Beef BBQ.

A favorite quote for today...
Children in a family are like flowers in a bouquet... There's always one determined to face in an opposite direction from the way the arranger desires. ~Marcelene Cox 

How true is this?

A peek into one of my days...
all we see, everywhere we look are the Queen Anne's Lace... and we shall never, ever tire of it.  One of my most favorite of flowers.

"I'm hiding them from you, mom!"

One of my favorite things... is doing a flower photo shoot!!  You don't tire of those, do you? I sure don't.  I'll post them all tomorrow. :)  That said... another one of my favorite things is to go outdoors, first thing, early morning and capture the day in a photo...or to simply sit and listen - to the world waking up.  And, all of this is before my own little clan wakes up - of course. There is always something very special in that moment... one that I cherish deeply.

Fresh morning air!!

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  1. To be a child... oh my Bevy she is so adorable.. I love how she said, "I am hiding them from you,Mom" I love that age... but I wonder is she a little spitfire... I had forgotten all about these type of posts.. so enjoyable...

  2. Your Daybook entry is wonderful, Bevy. It sounds as if you had an adventurous day! I love Queen Anne's Lace as well...so delicate. I love the pictures of your sweet girl hiding the "Lace" from you...and I especially love the sweet little hand of hers pictured in the third from the top.

    I just took a tour over at your Etsy shop...and drooled. Oh my goodness, Girlfriend. You have not heard the last from me. It may be closer to Christmas before I am able to purchase something, but I WILL be back. Your bags have such superior craftsmanship, Bevy. I think I'll start me a collection. :-)

    xo Dianna

  3. I love Queen Anne's Lace, too, and your photos are all wonderful :)
    Hope you have a fabulous week!


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