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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Whimsy Wednesday :: Wait... I'm not ready!

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I can think of so many ways or directions on where to take this post.

I just want to say this.  I realized something about myself - with having to work with this quote.
I used to be a semi-impatient person.  I still am or can be.  But.. for various momentous moments in my life... I have had to wait.  Waiting has become a new virtue in my life.  Not bragging.  Just saying... as it has been something I've had to learn.  Almost to a default.
Here is what I realized while working with this quote... I could wait... and wait... and wait... and life will continue to go by at parallel speed and I'll be left to wonder what happened.

Now what?

The funny thing is.  I have a dear spouse (one whom I've waited for) who is often two thousand steps ahead of me.  In everything.  It's a challenge for him to slow down and wait, in life, for me.  We talk about this regularly.  Still it isn't easy, or solved, or settled.  But -- it's part of our story.
I say - Wait, I'm not ready!  He says "get up, hurry up, keep up".  I tease right back and ask "How is the scenery?"   So often he's the engine on the train and I'm just the little ole caboose on the other end - with the brakes on.   Oh life.. can be so mixed up and amazing.  I love my husband dearly.

I guess... to think through this on another level.  I can say that at times when things did or do happen - because I'm ready or okay with things.  It has to be because God has prepared me to be so.

And, then I wonder.  What if?  What if I would have never said - "yes"!!
What if I wouldn't have said "no"!
But I also know it isn't really about me.

Thanking God today that he knows the details and depths of our hearts.  When we're ready and when we're not.  Why we wait and why our impatience may be not His will for our lives... in that precise moment.  I defer... to the fact that it's ALL in His hands.

My times are in your hands. ~ Psalm 31:15

The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps. ~ Proverbs 16:9

Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens. 
For the man will not rest until the matter is settled today. ~ Ruth 3:18

** This photo was taken while visiting Kaitlin and her family in Canada.  In the dead of April and mud and snow!!  I'm so glad we didn't wait to go until better weather.  Yeah for our readiness and a whole bunch of yes's. :)
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  1. Oh Bevy, you talking about your hubby being the engine and you the caboose... Oh my its just the opposite on my end... I am the engine as far as let's go, let's go... Ron on the other hand is just on the turtle trail I guess... and although, I am the engine, I know how to put the brakes on fast... Fear can do that to ya.. but then really, I mean really it is all about learning and leaning from and on God... and that I am learning moment by moment... I have missed out on a lot of goodness, even with the kiddos due to just this.. putting the brakes on fast and hard, just yesterday my Colton was talking about Kayaking down the Colorado River in Texas... and I caught myself feeling nervous, anxious but then I realized he is gonna do it even if I don't want him too... so I added it to my prayer list.. Life is meant to be enjoyed, but I think also going at a high rate of speed we miss out on some amazing things... Such a good topic... loved this...

  2. I recognized that photo INSTANTLY!!! :D Yes, so glad there was no waiting to be completely 'ready' to come see us...though I WOULD have preferred you coming in nice weather...you certainly did get to see a variety of it that weekend!!
    I like what you said, life can move so fast and if we wait so much of it will be gone before we know it...but I also have to agree with Connie there - if we go too fast we can miss much as well - such a balance!! But I think fear, stops us from much! I can relate to Connie's talk of anxiety! That's a work God has done in me...anxiety...but I still have a long way to go!

  3. As my mum used to say good things are worth waiting for ! I am the same I have always waited for things in my life it is just how I was raised ! Papa and I can be a bit of both move fast and then wait it out all depends on the situation lol ! I am not a religious person but I feel the man upstairs has it all under control ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  4. I'm learning about the refreshment that comes from the waiting...and He's been teaching me about it through my daily walks in the mornings...enjoying the beautiful creation He's blessed us with in our area...having longer talks with Him...praying for my neighbors as I pass their house. My hubby is also a person who finds it hard to sit still and always seems (to me) to be in a hurry with everything. I love him dearly, too. xo


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