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Thursday, September 24, 2015

A moment I will never forget...

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Oh where do I start?

I could tell you about the time I got locked out of my house.  Oh, there was the time, too,  with the car and my baby still inside.  But-- the time with the house -- that was because someone accidently locked the screen door and no door key will ever open that.

How about the heart-so-full moment when you hold your brand new newborn for the 1st time and you're left to wonder how in the world it is your heart could possibly have room enough or grow to a larger size to hold all your love for yet another.  But, it does!!

I could recount (again) the day...that time when my sister literally saved my life!

How about when specific prayers are answered bold and clear.  Almost instantaneous.  Those moments still slay me...increasing my faith and continue.  With more fervor and hope!

I could tell you the feelings to a "t" of how it was walking down the aisle and seeing my man, at the end, in a pool of tears and the biggest smile on his face.  Loved that moment, then and I still do.

How about the times when I've said "yes"... as a mom.  And the times when I have said "no"... that may or may not have led to regret.  Which, there is a necessary balance  needed - for sure.

Oh yes... and, this one!!

I haven't deep belly-laughed in a long, long time but there was this one time during an exercise routine that well... let's just say, the laughter probably did me way more good!  Even another.. similar... was the time I was learning how to drive stick.  My dad and I waving on more than 30 cars on a rinky-dink back road, in the dark of night (hoping no one would see me - fail!)...as I tried and tried to coordinate clutch, gas and gears... oh my!!!!

Honestly.  There are so many, many more moments - as I thought about this.  So many more specific, unique, personal, delightful and "real" moments that I could share with you.

Instead, all in all, here is what you simply need to know...

Each one, in its own right, is a moment I will never forget.  And  - it felt good to slow (there is that word, again!) and intentionally go down memory lane; really taking a moment to relish each memory, as they came. The moments of my life - that are mine - to really remember them as they are.


May you have a wonderful rest of your day!

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  1. I like everything about this post!
    Heartfelt moments that stay with you forever. That's what I think we need more of, good memories.
    Bless you Bevy!

  2. More laughter is always a good thing . Lovely post and I love the photo to ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !


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