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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

{Bags by Bevy} CoffeeMates Mug Warmers

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A couple of weeks ago, now - my sister celebrated her fortieth birthday!

Thinking of her with a small flower bouquet and a few other homemade goodies 
I tucked in one of my versions of a CoffeeMates Mug Warmer - by wrapping it around the flower vase.  She knows it's for her coffee mug. :)  Actually, I have given quite a few of these away - as gifts. There is one set for sale, right now, in my Etsy Shop, as well.  Feel free to take a look!

I've been mostly making these unique-looking mug warmers with a white background and black lettering.
 But, lately...I'm really enjoying the Chalkboard look.  So, for this one I used a black chalkboard paint, and use a white pen.  I would not recommend using chalk on it.

((Note: these should not go in the microwave, nor should they get soakin' wet.  Spot clean - if needed. They are for decoration and mug identification purposes only. Smile! ))

I've made a few of these with the the inscription of :
 "his" and "her" Coffee (set of two)
 "Mr." and "Mrs." Coffee (set of two)
"all mine" Coffee

Obviously, you see a:
"not yours" Coffee

So.  I'm asking for ideas! 
I ask you.  If you were to own one, or a set of these CoffeeMate mug warmers, either to use or to give away as a gift  - What would you like it to say?
And which do you think looks the best?  The white lettering on black or the black lettering on white?



  1. I like these - don't know about anyone else... but here are a few ideas I came up with.

    "single cuppa" Coffee or Tall, Dark and Handsome Coffee

    "Manly" Coffee and "Girly" Coffee

    Just ideas... lol!


    1. Oooh... I like these idea/suggestions. Thanks for stopping by!!


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