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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

beauty full

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I knew this particular morning was a beautiful one - just wasn't aware how much so.
Sometimes...it's that simple first step around and beyond the corner -  that changes everything!

Listen to my heart...
I never, never, ever want to get or be so busy that I miss the hush; the quiet; the simple of beauty of a brand new day.

I am thankful for this word  - slow!  Oh, how I ponder it often.

Slowing both with intention and without.  And -- and, I hope you'll find it in your heart-schedule to do the same...especially, if you have a hard time doing so.

Slow down and simply enjoy!  At least, more often than you may already do.
It may simply take your breath away!!

May you have a beauty full day!!


  1. Though my day started real ROUGH with parenting challenges with my eldest, I did step outside for a bit with my boy and just breathed in the simple beauty. Dappled sunlight, fluffy clouds, a chipmunk scurrying across the grass, it was soul food!! I love your pictures!! *happy sigh*

  2. Often more than not, I hear those who talk about not being able to slow down... I was always a on the go girl, moving at a high rate of speed, trying to accomplish so much in my day, but resulted in missing the important of the day.. Sure lists, chores, responsibilities are always there, but the one thing that makes these possibly easier is to take a few moments each day, and be alert, slow, and in the moment of just capturing what is the true importance of the day.. A Foggy morning here today in Kentucky, but it was so beautiful being out early and enjoying what God has put in our path for our day... My days are full, and I am thankful, but I am also eager for fall break so I can just be SLOW , no hurry to do or get anywhere... it freshens my soul... Loved this BEVY...

  3. The pictures are so beautiful, Bev.

  4. Your pictures are beautiful, Bevy!! It was as if you could feel the sunshine. There is nothing better than those SLOW moments to enjoy the beauty that God our Creator has given us. Sunrise, sunset, blue sky, grey sky, white fluffy clouds, dark clouds, sunshine, rain or snow, breeze blowing, birds chirping, bees buzzing, children laughing..... all the little gifts that God gives us each and every day. I love to hang my laundry out, take a walk, or enjoy sitting on the porch each day to enjoy those moments. It soothes my soul. Melanie P.

  5. Wonderful post and photos ! One reason I am always with camera in hand and out side a lot . To much beauty to miss . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and A Happy First Day Of Fall/Autumn .

  6. Someone asked me recently... "Was it you that lived on the Silver Farm?" As I nodded, I couldn't help but smile, get a happy feeling in my gut and think how true the statement was. These pictures brought back the memory of that comment... they are absolutely lovely. I have to admit that this is not what I always saw, when I looked out my window. I love getting to look at it through your eyes. It truly is full of beauty. I would LOVE to get a few of your pictures in print...

    Thank you for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment.

  7. GORGEOUS photos!! What a beautiful morning. How wonderful that the Lord gave you those precious moments to savour. Happy Friday to you! Hugs, Camille


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