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Monday, September 14, 2015


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Change is in the air.  I love it!!  Although, I don't necessarily love change, per say - I do like what this particular change is bringing!!  Fall is just around the corner.
We feel it with the warmer days and cooler nights.  The temperature changes in their fluctuation keep us guessing - at times.

Comfort food (I promise another recipe, soon) and candles all aglow are a must!

School is in full-swing - my older two fully enjoying every minute. My little-one eagerly awaiting her turn... and well...
Today is the day!! - my baby heads off to Preschool, as her first official day of school!  
Wow!! here we go!  

My middle child...Aubrey... celebrated her 7th birthday - earlier this past week.  I feel bad - but, life has been so busy, lately - that even a simple cake didn't get made.  
She was happy, nonetheless, with brownie bites in it's place.  Oh - and we'll see in about two weeks if Aubrey's elbow is healed and her cast can come off - to stay.  We're praying to that end.

It's been a busy past several days.  And that busy will continue on into this week.

With my husband being cubmaster for our son's Cub Scout pack  - we have Recruitment and Popcorn Fundraising going on simultaneously.  I'm just doing my best to stand by and offer full support.  Even though it requires less of "us" in these moments - we can still make the most of what "us moments" we can muster.  :)
The clock does not lie in the hour of what time we've been retiring most nights - here of late.

With all of this... we take the time to slow and notice.  There is one last bloom with the gerber daisy and our bunny-friend is still on visitation mode. :)  We enjoy seeing our little friend almost every day-the kids especially - and a hush falls to the room as every one looks on and watch her enjoy her green-grass-nibbles.
I'm in my last few stitches to the baby quilt I've been working on.  I promise to show it when completely done.  In the same breath - there are doctor and dentist appts.  Scout pants to re-hem as my son has grown several inches from last year's Scout year!  There are the girls closets and drawers to go through again. 

 This is what the seasons bring.  Changes!!

This is what I like to remind myself...

Don't let yourself get so busy that 
you miss those little but important extras in life --
the beauty of a day...
the smile of a friend...
the serenity of a quiet moment alone.  ~ unknown

Have a wonderful week!
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  1. I suggest a "Getting the cast off" cake in lieu of the birthday cake that didn't get made. SPECIAL!

  2. Your pictures of home are just lovely Bevy! I really don't do well with too many changes except when it comes to the seasons! I love that kind of change :)


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