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Friday, September 4, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Say, yes!

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Today's prompt word: yes

I could link you to this one - The Joy of Summer :: Saying Yes!  Or, to this one. Yes + Mess = Bless; a couple of my favorite posts.  And, that would be super easy.  To just stay here in the "fun" and smiles...but, today! - my heart is fuller than this.

On the outset I want to say that while this post may allude to something rather personal going on in my life right now... it's really not about one person, per say.  It's in no way a finger jab or a point-to. Just a gentle plea... and a reflection on where I've been.

So - the question posed... is. What happens when a loved one - is saying "yes" to the wrong thing(s). Choosing to act on something that is completely against - what is right and honorable (God's Word and authority). Depending on who this loved one talks to - it's okay!! All they hear is YES, YES, YES!  And, because of that acceptance and love - this person feels "okay"; sure and confident that this is right!  They feel they are loved and that they are accepted.  And, that is all that matters. Period. End of story.

The thing is.  I am that one person.  I too was, for sure, at one time, the one who felt loved and accepted by peers and giving little or no thought or care to the One calling my name.  The One. Whispering his love-truths deep into my soul.  Wooing and pursuing me.  Oh, I may have looked the part.  Felt the part - based on my "circle of influence"... but really, looking back... I didn't really KNOW this Jesus.  Honestly, years, decades, later I'm only still learning about Him... and how to love like he loves.  How to see like He sees.  And, to act like he did.

I still make mistakes.  And - so when he whispers this....

Well.  This is patient-grace.  This is the way that HE loves.  I imagine this might be what He is speaking to your heart and soul - today - as well?  Ponder these words...

If I go before you, you might now follow.  If I follow, you might not lead.  Instead, let's walk together.  Shall we?  Hand in hand.

Maybe you don't know this to be true.  But I can assure you, we can always trust Jesus to lead and we will be able to follow HIM safe and securely.  The thing is.  He's holding mine.  And, wants to take your hand, too.  To gently guide you along.

Walk with Jesus!  The LOVER and HEALER of your soul.

Say - yes!!  Please?

I appreciate this quote by Charles Stanley...
One of Satan's most deceptive and powerful ways of defeating us is to get us to believe a lie. And the biggest lie is that there are no consequences to our own doing. Satan will give you whatever you ask for if it will lead you where he ultimately wants you.
It alludes to another question. Another thought.  There are many hands reaching.  Reaching.  To go where?  Whose hand do you grasp?  Who will you say yes, to?

Writing today for Five Minute Friday!!

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  1. The Stanley quote is good...I feel that some days in my current situation...and yet, when offered up to God, my situation stays as it is?!?! *sigh* Struggling along with you, my 'sister'! ♥ Praying for you. :)


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