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Friday, September 11, 2015

{Never} the same!

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Yesterday, today, forever - 
Jesus is the same!
All may change, but Jesus never.
Glory to his name.

If you're like me - you notice the clouds of the sky.  Each flower that blooms.  Each bird that flies.

How about the "shoulders we rub" and the faces we pass each day?

While things and people and places are similar and yes!... a lot alike... they really are never quite the same.  Ahhh... seriously...have you sat down and looked through old family photos lately?  Oh my word, how we change...!!!  It brings on the tears and the laughter...doesn't it?

One of my most favorite things about myself - and this is certainly not to brag - is the ability I have to make what might appear to look and sound like the same recipe - but each time I make the dish (I'm preparing) it'll turn out differently.  One of my little quirks (on purpose! shhh) that keeps my hubby happy and my friends and family guessing. :)  But.. again... it's never the same.

I don't know about you... but, I'm grateful to serve a loving and gracious God who never changes.  Who provides us with variety to enjoy and in some ways - keeps us guessing.  I mean my kids think that each day is the same... that each day runs into the next and nothing ever changes.  Obviously, they don't flip the calendar or understand fully the concept of time...yet, outgrown clothes tell all! {snicker}

Yet - His constant surety is something we can grasp and take hold of.  While His mercies are new every morning - He is still the same.  Yesterday, Today and Forever!

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Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. I am sure your family and friends enjoy your *quirks* as you put it! What fun to keep them guessing with your meals. And, yes...how quickly the children grow!! Enjoy these precious, precious days! Hugs, Camille

  2. So thankful he is still the same! Have a wonderful weekend Bevy...


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