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Saturday, October 31, 2015

{day 31} Whispers of the Heart! :: almost always includes patience

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If I don't hurry up the day will almost be over.  lol!

Tis true.
This post has been on my mind all day - and I haven't had a chance to sit to do anything with it all day, until now.
Between laundry, babysitting at last minute, for friends all day and baking cookies...
and that's the way it goes sometimes.
Here we are on the last day of posting for the 31 days... and can I say I'm almost glad to see it go?  I really did enjoy this one. I might even miss it -  a bit.  I mentioned it the other day - how it seemed pretty doable, like I wasn't that stressed over it, at all... and I think I managed my time and day(s) pretty well.

When I think of this word-prompt almost... well... I was having a hard time with it at first.
Almost is an indication of something never quite done.
Never quite finished.
But close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades.  So my hubby likes to say.

And with the word almost comes a follow-up thought of having to have patience.

When someone asks you to hold on a minute because they're almost through with what they're doing...why that can be challenging.  Can't it?

We know the holidays are almost here - but we have to wait a few more weeks.
Et cetera.

And you can think of a host of other scenarios where this is true. Almost - always comes with having to wait.  Someone will always be at an "almost finished" moment in time and there will be the call of your response within that.
A call for a patient heart.  Some of us have learned this sooner and better than others, I'm afraid.

I really don't know how to wrap this post up other than to say - it has made me think of this topic/idea a little bit deeper. A bit more intentionally.

How patient am I, really?

 I know how when I give out the "I'm almost ready, etc." - it makes others have to choose their response.  Either patience or impatience.

It's inevitable.  One way or the other...
The other challenge - for me - is a reflection of patience in my response when someone asks me if I'm all done (with something) - meaning, they ask "are you finished yet, etc." The pressure of being almost done but not fully can be overwhelming.  Sadly more colors of mine have been shown than I care to say.

What a challenging word to end this 31 day series on.  Through these last 31 days I hope you have been blessed!  I'm thankful to each one for their kindness in reading and in sharing their thoughts.  I have enjoyed each and every one.

I thank God for you always and in every prayer of mine...

God, thank you for these friends - via blogging and in -real life - who are such a blessing to me. I learn so much from them.  I also know You, God, are so patient with me.  And, so very gracious - at every turn.  Thank YOU, Heavenly Father, for never giving up on me.  Never once - not even close.
Your patience is never-ending and perfect because that is what and who you are!!  For sure.  ALL of the time.  Help me to grow in this area and not just sorta-kinda... but truly.

How about you?  What are your thoughts on this topic?  Please share... because I really feel like this is such a dud of a post. lol!  Help me to finalize this post.

Are you a patient person - or only an almost...? 

Sigh.. talk about vulnerability....
and yet, to think I almost didn't finish this series - at all (seriously!) - because I felt like I wouldn't have the patience for it.  And - I'm not just saying this to use up the prompt words... I really mean that.
God is good!  And even I - like I've alluded to already - have been blessed for doing this series - Whispers from the Heart!!

Thank you for reading!


Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

**Linking with Finding the Grace within - Tuesday @ Ten, linkup.  Her word-prompt was patience.  Perfect to pair with the word almost,  At least, I thought so. :)

Friday, October 30, 2015

{day 30} Whispers of the Heart! :: five minute friday | bacon

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I'll admit my first reaction to this word-prompt for today was - WHAT?!??!?!  Bacon?
But.. my second thought immediately went to to the word - provision.  And, that is what I'd like to focus on today.

The sounds and smells of breakfast - cooking first thing in the morning - is a call!  It draws folks from all corners of the room.  Why, who can deny the taste of crispy, salty and flavor-full bites of bacon?  Some can. But, not all... and certainly, not me!
 I enjoy it.
I'll even say... "with a side of bacon, please and could you make that extra crispy - if you don't mind"?

Specific in my requests, aren't I?

I got to thinking about our finances and my hard-working husband with his daily diligence in and of "bringing home the bacon".  A right and privilege that he doesn't take lightly.  But, the why and because he can do this... is only because of God our Heavenly Father  - who provides all things.
While we are blessed that my husband has a steady job... the "bacon" amount... it's (usually) always the same -  yet still some months the budget will say otherwise.  One month could be on the slim side and not much can be rendered... another month could show it to be a "fatter" - full of opportunity - where we can do more things with it.
No matter the case... it - again - is ALL because of God's provision to our family and how we plan to manage or steward the gifts he gives.

His provision is always enough.  All of it - is grace!

I know this isn't the same - across the board - for everyone.  And, honestly, we've been through some VERY lean seasons, financially, ourselves.  Yet - in those times, were very convicted to still give back to God - of our firstfruits (tithe) and through that we have seen the bounty of God's provision in ways we could have never imagined.  Those were trying times and a test of true obedience - on our part.

Humbling times, too!

We could have gotten very specific in our requests to God - almost in demand -like fashion - to change those lean months and years, but, honestly, I believe he provided more than we'll ever know.  In ways we still can't even imagine how.
Again, his provision is always enough.  All of it - is grace!!

Lord, obtaining and managing and accounting for and of finances is hard.  Some more so than for others.  Yet, your ways of meeting needs astounds me.  You provide in ways unimaginable sometimes.  You supply income and give us insight on how to steward that - responsibly.  And, it's challenging.  Help us to hold onto this - loosely - yet, sensibly and securely.  Not allowing the "amounts" to dictate our praise.  We humbly want to obey and share and appreciate the value of what your provision means in our lives...

Finances are such a personal thing. I know. 

How about you?  Are there times of plenty and times of want - in your life?  Don't answer that.  My prayer for you is that you would see it all - as a means of grace and that you would know in your heart of hearts how the "bacon" suits your taste. :)

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

{day 29} Whispers of the Heart! :: sea

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My daughter Aubrey - is quite the artist.  There is hardly a morning where, when she first wakes up that she doesn't find a pen and paper and sit down to draw and write.  I love this about her.  It's kind of her way to wake up.  These drawings on this bag, obviously, were part of a gift that she was planning to give to a little boy from her class in school - as part of his birthday gift.

Today's word-prompt is sea:  A rather tricky post to write about.

Yesterday - the prompt was hope! and I mentioned that I had a story to share with you that I had found... and while it has more to do with the topic of hope than of the word sea... I trust you'll be blessed by the message.  Yes!

 Consider this to be your message-in-a-bottle that has crossed over and through the sea to come to you.  :)

Hope does this, doesn't it?  It forges its way, crossing barriers, and moving mountains to make reality happen.

Written by Randy Kilgore, taken from Our Daily Bread
In January 1915, the ship Endurance (how ironic; the name) was trapped and crushed in the ice off the coast of Antarctica,  The group of polar explorers, led by Ernest Shackleton, survived and managed to reach Elephant Island in three small lifeboats.  Trapped on this uninhabited island, far from normal shipping lanes, they had one hope.
On April 24, 1916, 22 men watched as Shackleton and five comrades set out in a tiny lifeboat for South Georgia, an island 800 miles away.  The odds seemed impossible, and if they failed, they would all certainly die.
What joy, then, when more than four months later a boat appeared on the horizon with Shackleton on it's bow shouting, "Are you all well?" And the call came back, "All safe!  All well!"
What held those men together and alive over those months?  Faith and hope placed in one man.  They believed that Shackleton would find a way to save them.
Randy continues to write...
This human example of faith and hope echoes the faith of the heroes listed in Hebrews 11.  Their faith in the "substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" kept them going through great difficulties and trials.
As we look out upon the horizon, (the sea) of our problems, may we not despair.  May we have hope through the certainty of our faith in the One Man - Jesus, our God and Savior.

Gracious Heavenly Father... thank you for the confidence we can have you.  Whether its a sea of doubt and a storm that rages hard and high... our trust can be in YOU!  You are our life-line.  Our rescue and our salvation...
Help us hold onto you!  One thing is true.  YOU never let go.  Whether it is the calm  or the storm - this is true.  You never let go.

How about you?  Do you find yourself in a sea of doubt, of concern and the waves loom high and hard above?  How can I pray for you?

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

{day 28} Whispers of the Heart! :: hope

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I cannot believe we're just a few days away from the end of October, and obviously, this 31 day challenge.  I sincerely hope you have been enjoying it as much as I have.  I'll be honest though - somedays it really felt despairing with only one or two sharing their thoughts in return - their responses, via comments, etc. - but I have to trust that it (this series) blessed in ways more than I know.  I really, really appreciate any and all support I have felt along the way. You have no idea how encouraging that is. Just one simple comment... means so much!  So, thank you!!!!!
 This is a big undertaking and requires some time management to pull it off.  However, I feel like I handled it pretty well... and that is comforting to me, as well as important.  Just a couple more days... and it's done!

I recently did a five minute friday post on the word HOPE  and I'm so tempted to do a repost and call it that.- but, so here we go again.  Same word.  Different day!  I'm just wondering how I might possibly pull out the word hope in an all new thought... (smile!)
Going through some papers on one of my bookshelves, I came across a piece of artwork, done along time ago by a dear friend of mine.  This is only a photocopy of the original - which she said, I may have, and thankfully too, because I love it so much!!  This collage was the result of her sitting down, one day, and doodling it all out with just a blue-inked pen...
I love it!  This gal is so talented and so creative... so patient.

I don't know if you can read all of the little sayings she sprinkled throughout - but my favorite one is this one, written in ink in the top left hand corner:
His hope is the anchor of your soul
To which I say, Yes!  and AMEN!

Tomorrow, we may touch on this topic again - as tomorrow's prompt word is: SEA (tricky, eh?)... but I found a story that I want to share with you and it also has much to do with Hope!
 Let me round out this post, by saying this.

Whenever we begin...
to be afraid,
to be unsure,
to doubt
We give ourselves permission to foster anxiety and angst of heart.
Whenever we begin...
to hope,
to trust,
to rest,
to be at peace
We give permission to the One who knows and controls all things.
The Bible says -  He keeps us!

I know Jesus is the anchor of my soul.  He is my hope!

Here is another way - that this message can be shared and that is through this worship song.  A song we sing quite often at church.  And it blesses me every single time I hear it and sing it.  I hope you enjoy it, as well, and will prayerfully sing along...

**I will consider this to be the prayer... for today's post.  Because, it certainly is the prayer of my heart, today!

How about you?  Where does your hope lie? And, in who?  Are ever tempted to lose hope just because it (whatever that is) seems "hopeless"?  I can relate to this.  I'm often tempted to give in and give up...
But, hope holds on.  It perseveres.  It endures.  To the very end!

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

{day 27} Whispers of the Heart! :: perhaps

. .... . .. .. .. . ... . . ... . ... . ..  . . .. . . . .
Perhaps.... is a word that packs in all kinds of possibility.
Do you ever wonder if this could be the day?

Have you ever stepped outdoors and looked to the sky and the clouds
 simply take your breath away?
I have.  And, I whisper to myself - perhaps today's the day.
 Oh come, Lord Jesus, come!!

I try to talk about this to my children.  And... they're only way of comprehending - at this point - by what it means to be ready for when Jesus comes is how they have to be ready for the bus, each school day morning.
They know the bus is coming. Never earlier than 8am... but there is a window of time in which it could come and she may run a little late, but, it always comes.  They know we should be standing outside - by a certain time - so as to not miss that window.

However.   My children are still learning the concept of time and so to look at the clock and figure this out for themselves is challenging.  So, I make sure they're ready.  I tell them to speed it up or we'll miss it, etc.  Lately, I've been challenging them to think through this more for themselves.  I'll say... if Mommy wasn't here to tell you what to do next in getting ready for school - would you be able to be on time and waiting, ready for when the bus arrives...?
And, they don't know.  They still appreciate my reminders and my encouragement.

It's the same way with Jesus' return.
We know he's coming.  We're not sure of his exact return...time wise.
But there are surely lots and lots of signs that point to this.  We only need to look around...
Just like for the bus... we need to be ready.
Standing in anticipation.  At the same time... we have work to do.  Laboring and redeeming the time - not being idle but sharing the good news of Jesus to many who don't know.

We need to remind one another, don't we? The Bible says... encourage one another - as you see the Day approaching. (Hebrew 10:25)
We do this... remind one another to prepare, be ready ...so that no one will miss his return!

Oh Lord Jesus...we long for the day when you will return.  A line of song comes to mind every time I look to the skies ... it goes a bit like this, "this could be the cloud he's coming back on ..."!
I want to be ready.  I want to encourage others to keep their eyes to the skies.  Waiting and anticipating your arrival.  No man knows the day or the hour.  Help us, help me, to stand at attention.  I don't want to be caught doing life with little to no thought of your return.
This sobers me.  It's challenging to think that so, so many people go about their days, their lives with little to no concern whatsoever about the condition of their soul.

Perhaps today, is the day!  I want to be ready when Jesus comes.  How about you?


 Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

Monday, October 26, 2015

{day 26} Whispers from the Heart! :: honor

. .. .. . ... . .. . .... . .. . .. .. . .. .. .. ... . . . . . .
Today's prompt originally was to be the word - whisper - and you might remember, that I opted to switch it around, from last week, to use this word prompt, instead.  Honor.  Just a head's up.
I felt this word suited much better for today.  Being's that the prompt is "honor"... 
What a day to honor the love of my life.

Happy Birthday Scott!

This man.

He's my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.

I read that somewhere and thought- how true!!

He's hardworking.
He's generous.
He's a family man.
He cares deeply.

A passionate soul.
Passionate as a Christ-follower
and growing.
Passionate as a husband,
as a father,
as a friend.
A leader as well as a servant.

He's a thankful man.
An example of what an overcomer looks like.

He's not perfect, nor never will be.
He has regrets - and who doesn't?

Easy to laugh.
(I love his laugh, and his contagious smile)
Yet, this man can be very serious.

Sometimes a mystery.
Oh, but a handsome one - at that.

I'm proud of my man.
And, I'm blessed to be the one walking by his side.

I love you, honey.
Happy Birthday!

love, me

Gracious Heavenly Father...
Thank you for your sovereignty in bringing us two together... in such ways unanticipated.
Thank you for all these aspects of Scott that make him to be such a wonderful gift to me and to our family.  I hope and pray that he feels honored and blessed especially today, here, on his birthday.
In your kindness, Lord....
Help us to continue to grow together to lead, guide and shepherd our family.  And the same is true for our marriage... that it would grow stronger and stronger on a daily basis.
Life is too short to take anyone for granted.  Help us to put those moments aside and seek out and show appreciation to and to be thankful for one another, for all that we mean to each other.
How about you?  Who might you be able to honor, today?

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

{day 25} Whispers from the Heart! :: crash

.. ... . ... . ... .. . ... . .. .. .. ... . .... . .. . .. . ..  .
Crash.... and that's the sound you hear immediately upon impact!

Something hits hard.  And, let the pieces fall where they may.  Sometimes those pieces are words that penetrate and really hurt deep.  Sometimes those pieces are words that are simply spoken in love but - ooooh, do they ever sting.  Sometimes it knocks you so hard upside the head - you're spinning for days on end.  Oh, do they ever hurt.  Cutting to the very core.  And you wonder why such an impact?

Why with such force?  Is it because it's nothing but hardened hearts that we're made of?

Here is something to consider.

So, I mentioned words spoken in love.  They come softly, like a petal to the ground... but somehow they still sting.  They smart.  They bring cause for pause.  Honestly, I think we need this.  I need this.
Love hurts like this.  Like a crash and burn kinda feeling.  Like a pulled-apart, tossed up feeling.

The reeling leaves you helpless...and alone.

Here is an example.
Often while reading to my kiddos their daily nighttime devotional...yes, while geared to their young hearts... the words have severe impact on me, on us - as parents and adults, just the same.
Wow!  Sometimes... words, they really hit home.

I'm so grateful.  Truth is, this is the power of God's Word to our hearts.
 His word is truth.
Truth reveals.
Truth teaches.
Truth is love in action.
Truth brings you home.
A place to heal and garner courage for the next blow that may come.
Who's to say it won't happen again.  Because it will.
Truth always comes.

Wow. Lord.  Does life really have to be this real?  Yes, it does - and I thank you.
Thank you for this truth factor that doesn't care how hard it hits.  Because obviously, it needs to.  At least for me, it does.  And, I pray this for family and friends.  That your love would leave such an impact on their hardened hearts... impress them with your mercy and grace.  Just as you've done mine...and in what and how you continue to have to do.
I need you!
I need this crash-course in learning and understanding your ways.   And, sometimes it's all in how the words have to come across to get me to see and understand.  Otherwise, I wouldn't.

How about you?  Have there been times of hard-words for you?  Truths that beckon change and challenge the will  - oh but that even the ones spoken softly and in love would have the same sort of impact?

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

{day 24} Whispers from the Heart! :: Silence

. ... . .. ... . .. .. ... .. . ... .. .. ... . .. . .. . .. . ..
Shhh.  Do you hear that?
I couldn't resist.

Oh, you have no idea how literally I want to take this word prompt right now.

Plain and simple. Dead silent.
To be able to gather it up and hold it loosely.  Not having to hold tightly; grasping, clinging...hoping to not let the moment go again.

You know that little saying.  Silence is golden?  Indicating it is something meant to be treasured?

I can recall an old time friend of mine saying she had gotten in trouble, one day, for talking in class, when she shouldn't have been.  For punishment she had to write on the chalkboard, the phrase...
Silence is golden.
Silence is golden.
Silence is golden.
As in, like a bunch of times.  
As she finished it off - at the last time of writing she concluded with this:

Silence is golden but sometimes it is just plain yellow.
In other words - boring!!
I have absolutely no idea if that was an original for her... but, it kinda makes me laugh.  One because only certain people can get away with that.  And, two.  I agree.

Don't get me wrong.  I love silence.  I just said it a minute ago. I want to hold on to silence and just marinate in it.  Other times... it's way too quiet.  And, then the silence is deafening.
Both in the literal and in the figurative.

And, I long for even just a whisper...loud enough to break in.

Heavenly Father... your Word commands us to "be still" (Psalm 46:10) - to sit in silence and allow you to do a deep heart-work. To know more fully who you are.  I know... if and when my busy takes over and I really can't hear you - it only gets louder still.  Quiet me.  Quiet my heart to settle down and still.
And, I know in so many ways you are working on me in this area.  
Some days, I can certainly hear better than others.  Silence is something I crave and then there are days when the silence craves me...it begs of me to slow down.  
It's never meant to bore... but to bless.

You want me to know you more fully and you beg... be still, my child, you say. 
Be still and know that I am God!  Yes!  I want to do this.. more!

How about you?  Are there moments for you where you long for silence? Does the silence ever seem so quiet you long for the clatter of activity; of noise?  Even for a whisper...?

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

Friday, October 23, 2015

{day 23} Whispers of the Heart! :: Five Minute Friday | Joy & Courage

. . .. .. . .. . ... . . .. . . .. . . .. . . .. . .. . . ..  . .
When expressing joy takes courage.  Because sometimes, it does.

 You know the kinds of days when its really, really hard.  Those kind.  And you have to rise above and it's almost impossible to do so...?

This afternoon, I was out with my daughter and her classmates, after school, for a little lunch and playtime at the nearby park.  This park is an old(er) park... it's been around for awhile.  But, what I noticed were the tall, tall trees, big and round.  This time of year, their colors perfect.  It made for a lovely landscape and all for our enjoyment, to say the least.

 I'm so glad I had my camera along!!  I was trying to get a few photos of my daughter - but she couldn't stay in one spot long enough... She was so excited and having way too much fun!!

So, but... these trees, like I said, have been around for even longer than I can imagine.  I mentioned big and round, and tall.  They've been here - weathering the storms of life.  There've been many, I'm sure.
Can I take liberty to say... that these trees not only need courage to stand tall, they exemplify courage.  They have joy in their hands, in doing so.  Why do I think this?  Their colors are so vibrant.  So strong.  Time has proven their ability to show their strength. And this is - right now - is the season of rejoicing! If these trees could share stories, I bet they would - over and over again.

 The scripture in Isaiah 55:12 comes to mind... as I type.  It says;
For you shall go out with joy,
And be led forth in peace;
The mountains and the hills shall break forth into singing before you,
And all the trees if the field shall clap their hands.

 Right now these trees can.  They can celebrate.  They can give honor to their Maker!
For surely there are hard day's coming, up ahead.
Listen friend.  Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!

Heavenly Father... redeem my words, here tonight.  I'm super duper tired but I trust this all made sense.  I want to be a tree of life and encouragement to those around me.  I do not want to be a dry tree.  I may be around for a while and while storms and hard times come my way.  Make me stronger.  Despite all of these things I would face.. that my hands would still clap for joy.  For YOU are my strength and song.  Lord, you are the one to whom I give my all to.  You are worthy... to receive blessing and honor... may my life show this truly.  Every. single. day!

How about you?  Are you on fire for God?  Can you show him praise and adoration even when facing hard times.  Can you share a time when you might have had to put this practice?
Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.  This post prompt with Five Minute Friday was the word: Joy.

I'm also taking on the challenge in linking this post with Tuesday @ Ten, as well.  This prompt was the word: Courage.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

{day 22} Whispers of the Heart! :: value

. .. . ... .. . .. . .. .. .. . . . ... . .. . .. . ... .. . . ..  .
Keeping it really simple here, today!

From the words of Jesus, not mine, in Matthew 6.  Verses 25-34

 “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?  Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?  And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin,  yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.  But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’  For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.  But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

 “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Heavenly Father.  Help me to value what you given - more than I already do.  Gifts and grace unmeasurable.  Full and free.  Thank you for your words - here in these verses - that balance and keep me mindful of your care.  Your intimate love and care for me...
This day isn't over yet... help me to be on the lookout for more of you... from YOU!


Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

{day 21} Whispers of the Heart! :: wave

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This past Sunday afternoon... my daughter, Aubrey, and I were in a parade.  The first one for both of us.  We've watched along the sidelines, before, when it was brother's turn (with his cub scouts) but we've never participated in one.

So - this was new!  Aubrey did great and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  My feet however... they. did. NOT!

When we weren't throwing candy we were supposed to do the princess wave! Ahemm.


Bear with me as I try to share something, with you, that ran through my mind - in reflection afterwards.

On this parade route were nothing but wall-to-wall people... or so it seemed.  Maybe it's my personality... shining through...but, I got a little overwhelmed. I didn't really enjoy being in the limelight, so to speak.  For all of the faces that represented the crowd - I didn't see a single one.  They were all a blur.  No one really stuck out to me.

Unless.  Someone recognized me and called out to me. And, that happened maybe twice, three times, total.  I was glad for this... because, I would never have saw them - had they not said hello, first.  I also didn't like the idea of being "watched"... you know, that feeling?


I got to thinking - how so unlike this must have been for Jesus as he walked through the middle of throngs of people.  Several times over... crowds gathered.

 Somehow, I have a feeling faces were not a blur.  Many times in Scripture we read how Jesus, saw the crowd and had compassion on them.  He loved them! As both a people and as individuals.

I doubt He waved... I don't know.  He may have!  A kind and friendly hello.  A wave - calling for his friends to follow.

If anything.  And, with what we know to be true... is that the crowd(s) waved to him!  Those who were sick, diseased and begging mercy... the crowds who waved their palm branches - acknowledging Him as their King.  Their Healer.  Their Messiah.

Oh Lord... you are so worthy of our praise.  You deserve the highest praise.  May our lives demonstrate a longing to be by your side.  To stand in awe of YOU!  To press in and hear what you have to say and how you want us to live our lives... 

I want to be.  I am ... one of the crowds today.  I need you - Jesus!  I'm weary, and sad, and I hurt.  Please touch me!  Fill me with your presence.  Fill me anew with our spirit and open my eyes to see and love like you do.

How about you?  Where do you stand? Do you enjoy the limelight?  Or, are you a sidelines kind of person, like me?

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

{day 20} Whispers of the Heart! :: temporary

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It's been an awful long time since ever making a sandcastle. The reason being - just haven't been to the shore in a long, long time. That's all.
Geez - honestly?  I can hardly remember the last time I was to an ocean side.  I kid you not.

  But...maybe for you, that's not true.  You go quite often and you know what I'm talking about.

So - you pat the sand down hard in your bucket and turn it over.  Lift off...and there stands a "house" of sand...and you move on to make another.  And, another.  But, while not really paying attention... you didn't see the wave coming.  Before you know it.. your hard work was lost to the swirl of the masses and gone!
Just like that.

It's easy to see hear that phrase and know it's truth.
This too shall pass.
Not that we want it, to - always... but, in the moment of sand-castles it's rather disappointing, isn't it?  In light of trials and heartache...to say, "this too shall pass"... is saying - there is hope!
Our feelings are fickle. Our intentions shift. Our situations rearrange.  Hard times may become a thing of the past..
It all changes.  Nothing ever really stays the same.
Just like sand castles built on sand don't last, either.  It doesn't even have to be sand.
This could mean anything.

What will last?
Read these verses to understand more clearly...

…therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day. For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.
~ 2 Corinthians 4:16-17

Heavenly Father.  I have no idea what made me think of sand-castles being something to illustrate life so fleeting. I don't even have a photo to illustrate.  Besides, anything and all of life is this... it's fleeting.  Lord, you know why it is I show this grouping of photos...how near and dear and yet how futile life really is. You know what is going on behind the scenes. Things we don't even know about.  Illness is an ugly thing. This too shall pass... probably sooner than later.  What a sad day that will be when our "castle-home" will be no more and yet you have our days' in your hand!
You have them numbered.  You know each one before it even comes to pass.  What a comfort  to be able to rest in this comforting promise..

How about you?  I wonder why it is we hold on so tightly to moments, to things, that will fade in time and lose their luster?  Do you ever wonder about this?


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Monday, October 19, 2015

{day 19} Whispers of the Heart! :: whisper

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Good Morning!
I've decided to take liberty and change out today's word-prompt, which was to be honor - with next Monday's post.  You'll understand next week! :)
Today I'll be using the word-prompt :: whisper.

Why is it that sometimes what you hear in the silences appears to be the most deafening?

Whispers can come this way... loud and clear!  Can't they?
I don't know about you... but, I hear them sometimes.  I hear...

You're no good.
What's the use?
It won't matter...
You don't matter.
Who cares?
and, there are others.

I somber to think I'm sharing all of this.  It doesn't seem appropriate to share, right out of the chute... whispers that haunt the soul.  Yet, if I'm to be real and vulnerable and open, I need to.  And... I need to share the truth.  The reality.

There is One whose whispers are even louder.  Who plunge deeper into the very depths of my soul.
Whose words penetrate and cover over with writings in red...

You are my beloved!
You are beautiful.
You are mine -- ALL mine.
 No matter if you feel like it or not.

Reading this morning.. I came across two things.  First Scripture...in Isaiah 43:1-4 (I'm paraphrasing).
This is what the Lord says...
He who created you.   He who formed you.
Fear not, I have redeemed you.
I have called you by name; you are mine.
When you pass through waters... I will be with you.
When you pass through rivers... they will not sweep over you.
When you pass through fire.. you will not be burned.  The flames will not set you ablaze.
I am the LORD, YOUR GOD.  The Holy ONE of Israel, your Saviour.
You are precious in my sight.  And, honored.  Because.  I love you!!

And, secondly, a quote that reads like a whisper of hope..

You are God's created beauty and the focus of His affection and delight.~ Janet L. Weaver-Smith

How appropriate.  Perfectly placed in my sight - to read when in a moment of least expectancy.
It broke me, because I needed this reminder.  See?

The whispers in the silences can sometimes be the most deafening.

 I, also, am pretty sure it matters as to which ones I choose to listen to.
Honestly?  I am still learning....

Here's my prayer, this morning!

Oh God... you know my heart.  You know the very depths of my soul-being; that place of longing to be reached.  You're love whispers...down... even to there.
When I'm choosing, instead, to listen to the lie-whispers - you go to war!  For you are a jealous God.  Forgive me, for the pity-party moments and the woe-is-me kinds of days - when my gaze is far from you.  Help me to see clearly; hear clearly... the ways and the words that guide me.  
You are a faithful God.
You sustain.  You deliver.  You keep me from falling...
When I know truth.  When I hear truth.  Help me to continually "preach" it to myself.  
Who am I, to you?  I know. I am yours.  May my lips sing your praises...forevermore.

How about you? Do you get caught in the tangle of whispers that come - loud and clear?  What whispers...flood your soul, fill your ears, and finally come out of your mouth? 

This is hard, isn't it?  I shared those verses, there from Isaiah - paraphrasing them - because they are from memory.  And, yet.  They obviously haven't penetrated into the very depths of my soul - as I wish.    We know truths and yet, some how we still forget His promises...

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

{day 17 & 18} Whispers of the Heart! :: offer and worth

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I hope no one minds, but for whatever it's worth - I'm combining two prompts (two days) into one.  Not entirely by choice... but, sometimes when life calls you to sacrifice and "give up" time and presence due to sickness and or busy schedules - well... that's what has been happening here, over the weekend, at our household.
Thank you, kindly, for your understanding.
 I appreciate it.


....and we offer up to you -
a sacrifice of thanksgiving.
and we offer up to you - 
a sacrifice of praise.
This little praise chorus has been on my mind the last couple of days - and again, first thing this morning... I heard it playing on the morning radio as I rolled over to hit the snooze button.  So, I knew immediately that this needed to be part of today's post.

What do I have to offer, today?
I wonder this.  Somedays more than others.  I don't mean it to sound negative - that's not it at all.  I know I have a lot to offer - but so much of the time it feels like it all falls flat.

It's no use, I argue, and yet I know... all God requires is a broken and contrite heart.
This brings something to mind.  An illustration from some time ago.  I was invited to attend a Ladies Discipleship class where a group of ladies from our church did a study on the book entitled Brokenness, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  The irony of doing this book study was in what I was feeling and thinking right up to the moment of attendance.  This was one of the first book studies I had ever done - as a semi-new mom (I don't think my youngest was even in the picture, at the time) - and I felt at a loss, as in like, really... what do I have to offer to this group?

Interestingly... I discovered... you only get out of something what you're willing to contribute.

If it means a sacrifice in doing so... than so be it.  Besides, a sacrifice isn't really one unless it hurts a little and you really feel it.
I share that for my benefit - not yours - as my reader.

I need this reminder.  Daily.  And, especially now, as a seasoned mom.
As a wife.  As a homemaker.  As a friend.  As a sister.  etc.

And, while this photo means little or nothing to do with the words I write today - it's all I have to offer, from while sitting on the couch, with my littlest one - who was not feeling well this afternoon.  A sacrifice?  Perhaps. (again, a poor excuse for topic to these two word prompts)

Honestly.  Yes!  It was a challenge today... all around.

Lord, I confess... offering praise and sacrifice was not an easy task today.  There was more than one way, more than one occasion, in which you've called me to sacrifice - today!  Evidently... I needed this word prompt (or two) to keep focus on what really matters... please, forgive me!  Forgive me for balking in my spirit against what you have called me to do... A CALLING in ways that only I can offer, as a TRUE-BLUE WILLING sacrifice.  No one else can do it the way you ask me to.  And, today was certainly a challenge that you asked me to surrender to.
I'm grateful... it's the end of this day... is that okay? ;)
And, tomorrow it starts all over, I know.  Your word promises and so I am counting on your mercies a new... thank you, Lord!! Amen.

How about you?  I don't even know what to ask... except this.  Please, tell me I am not alone.

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

** I'm writing this post on Saturday, the 17th, for Saturday... and posting it early on Sunday, the 18th, to make it count - for the day!
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