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Thursday, October 1, 2015

{day 1} Whispers of the Heart :: Calling

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Gracious Heavenly Father ~ 
 Thank you for hearing my heart today!  You see the depths.  You know my struggles of doubt.  My temptations to forge ahead of you.  My questions are many and you know each fear.
Yet you have called me to be here.  In this place.  Of right now.

I am and have been called first to be a wife and a mom.  My heart's desire is to be the best one out there that there is... if at all possible.  And yet...I fail you and my family - miserably. 
 Every. Single. Day.

You've called me to this blog and it's realm of sharing encouragement.  I don't always know if it truly is that to all who read.  Sometimes I feel so discouraged.  Not sure if it is always blessing...

You've called me to be salt and light.  Faithful.  Honorable.  A Woman of Faith and Influence.
I humbly thank you, Lord,  for your grace!  Because.  Your grace is GREAT!

These were my thoughts as I settled in for the evening.  The truths God's Word spoke over me - washing away the lies I was believing earlier in the day.

I sat reading with my kiddo's from Psalm 139

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Yes!  I know.  In the physical sense, right?

While most of this portion of scripture is talking about physical bodily form and functionality...

I read it to mean this.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made to be who I was called to be!!
And - God sees me as such - even if it is an ever-growing process.

I take a deep breath.
I will continue to walk out the calling you have on my life, Lord!

How about you?  Do you sense a future or have a "NOW" calling on your life and it overwhelms and scares you some days more than others?   Let's talk about it...

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page daily so that you will not miss an entry.


  1. Bevy, "Calling" I have often thought about that word alot these past few years. I have often asked what does God really want from me and for me? For years I felt like with myself loving to cook, back and all stuff kitchen related that I was meant to be a Chef.... Now that I am in school to be just that a chef, I am not so sure that it is meant for me.. sure I still love it all but while I am there I am constantly wishing I was HOME.. taking care of my home, family, being a wife, a mother... It really has made me look back over my life and from the time I was a small girl, I loved home, I loved that my mother was home, that she took care of the home, and all the aspects of it... I admired her so...
    Over the years, I have normally always worked outside of the home, due to financial hardships, and at times I enjoyed it.. BUT in my heart I have always just enjoyed life at home... I never found cleaning a problem, laundry a problem, or any of the other things that some would call mundane.. I always felt when my hubby came home as well as the children, the sight of them seeing the house clean, tidy and smelling good... was the biggest reward of all... No money could ever match that... No job could ever give me that... Now that my children are almost grown, I decided to try the Chef school program, so far so good, but in my heart I am just not there.. SO I really think this has shown me where I should be, where I want to be... sure I will still work parttime, but not where it will take away from my family.. Alot of times, I personally feel that SAHM get the short end of the stick on when it comes to praise from the outside world.. but in all reality being a mom or parent is one of the most HARD, but REWARDING jobs anyone can tackle... So with me sharing all of this, I want to commend all the ladies out there in blogland that are stay at home moms... KNOW your position in life is important... So with this word today, "Calling" is something that has come to mind many days in my life, I was just not sure if I was hearing that WHISPER... Loved this Bevy... Happy Fall...

    1. should have said bake not back.... oops///

    2. Connie - I loved hearing all of this. Your encouragement never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for sharing all of this!

      Thank you in advance for your prayers over this month of 31 days!! I'll need them. Blessings to you, sister!!

    3. Prayers said and will continue... YOU can do this... I love it...

  2. You just speak to my heart, Bevy :)

  3. Dear Bevy,
    I'll be praying for you each day as you take on this challenge. I plan on doing this myself in my daily devotion and prayer time. As I thought about the word "calling" today.... God "calling" upon me to take a season of rest... to purposefully put SLOW in my daily life more... to surrender it all to Him. Thank you for your encouragement Bevy and offering this challenge! Melanie P.

  4. This is one of my favorite places, for beauty and encouragement and truth. Blessings to you for sharing each week.


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