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Monday, October 12, 2015

{day 12} Whispers of the Heart! :: storm

.. .. .... .. ... ... .. . ... . .. .. ... .. . ... . . . .. . .. . . .
Though troubles fall like rain, your precious truth remains.
Lord, you're so good to me!

It's hard to imagine the word :: storm :: on a day like today.
It's beautiful- out here!! Gorgeous weather.
But.  This is the word-prompt for today so let's go for it.

In reflecting a bit on what I might share here for this post I realized that this is a topic I do talk a lot about. Or, at least I have in the past.
Right now.  I would say things are looking pretty good.  That we, as a couple: as a family, are in a pretty good place right now. And, of course, that is all said with tongue-in-cheek because we all know how reality (life!) could change as fluid as the weather. :)

Perhaps this is the calm before the storm?

Listen.  Don't get me wrong.  While I love a good thunder and lightening storm; a good rain to water the earth and bring refreshment - I don't necessarily enjoy the storms that toss the soul.
I understand that - again - it is all for good, in the end!
And, it's there I like to see or look for the life-storm-blessing... in that moment!

This is also the time to prepare.  Anticipate.  Because, it's been said... and it's true, that if you're not in the midst of a storm - one is coming!!

I mentioned calm before the storm. When that storm does come, I know we have a sure shelter where with to hide.

Jesus is good like this, isn't He?  To pull us to His side and shelter us under His wing!  And, what a place that is!!!

Lord... I thank you for this place.  This comfort of your promise...that when the storms do come our way... both literally and figuratively speaking... that we can rest in you!  Finding shelter.  The perfect Shelter in time of storm.  
I know this isn't easy for everyone... life is hard and it brings with it some hard things to go through.   I pray, right now, for any reading here today who are struggling to trust you - as they walk out the path you've called them to.

Lord, would you bring healing and comfort to their hearts - today!

How about you?  Is this you?  Are you resting in His provided shelter?  Or, are you you still worried and unsure that you can trust the Shepherd of your soul?

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page daily so that you will not miss an entry.


  1. I just had to stop by and say that I LOVE the photo in this post!

  2. Sometimes I honestly wish that life was without storms, but then I think how would I learn... One thing that I always go back to when that STORM hits is what my mom taught me is that even though the storm may seem rocky, hard, and sad... it could always be worse... and to never forget that even though the storm can be scary, unsettled, cause anxiety... if we learn to lean of GOD he will calm that storm but remember the other side of the storm may not be what we want or desire, but God knows best and over time we will see the why of the way it ended.. I miss her so much, and as I have aged I have learned to just focus on getting thru the storm more so than what the outcome will be.. Honestly, I still am human and I still have melt downs in the midst of a storm but little by little, storm by storm I am leaning into him... Still so hard...

  3. The prompt storm has really hit home for me this week in SC. I am glad He is my shelter and will see me through the rough waters. Thanks for sharing.


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