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Thursday, October 15, 2015

{day 15} Whispers of the Heart! :: laugh

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My next-door neighbor, at the time, was one of my best friends.  I would still consider us to be friends although, sadly, these days, our paths don't cross so much anymore, like they used to.  Nonetheless, the one thing I hold onto is the memory of this dear friend having the best laugh, ever!
 And, she still does.  I'm sure of it!  I know where she comes from! :)  It's in her blood...

 I will never forget it. Especially in how contagious and infectious it was.
I would smile over just hearing her laugh.
 In fact, as I recall, because we were such close neighbors - I could hear her laughter ringing through the walls... and it didn't take much to get her tickled.  Oh, those good ole days!

I miss this!  I miss her!

Unfortunately.  I don't have a laugh like this  Mine is more like a quiet snicker... or, well... I don't know what you'd call it, exactly. Certainly not a laugh that rolls off and out - all natural or anything. One thing I know... no matter what it's called - it (me, genuinely laughing) doesn't happen enough.

I wish I had a laugh that rang true!  Simple as that.

Changing subjects just a tad.  Back when I was a kid...I can remember a song often played on the Christian Radio that we liked to listen to... and it would make our whole family - just get into the giggles.  It's called The Laughing Song - sung by George Younce of the Cathedrals! And, for old times sake, I thought I'd share that with you here today...

What a fun memory - for me!! I hadn't heard this song in a while so I hope you enjoyed this and yes, I had to chuckle aloud as I just watched it a couple of times, myself.
Maybe I'll have to pull this one out and introduce it to my kiddos'.  They'd probably get a good laugh out of it, as well.  If nothing else... perhaps the plaid suit ought get a rise out of somebody!! :)
Oh my.

Oh...Heavenly Father - I do thank you for light-hearted moments and memories... moments that bring us to giggles, snickers, smiles and even deep hearted; rolling-on-the-floor, sort of laughter.  I know you made this - as a gift - for us all to enjoy. Something to be shared. 
 And laughter; it's one of those things - along with tears - that is understood in any language.  I know that out the mouth the heart speaks.  I ask you now... Would you fill me with your JOY?!, along with your presence, so that it would bubble forth and spill out and over to those around me.
I have a hard time... and can be overly serious far too often.   

I thank you for folks in my life -both present and past - who challenge me in this area of laughter... and for the ones that do bring the laughter out in me. I'm so thankful for people in my life - who can laugh easy. Ones close to me like my husband and my kids... 
Help me grow - in this area.  And, I am comforted in the fact your Word says that you will perfect that which concerneth me. It bothers me that I don't think I laugh enough.  I ask you to fill my days with joyous laughter and my heart with continual praise... may it ever be on my lips!!  Amen.

How about you?  Do you laugh easily?  Or, are you kind of like me... and find laughter - true laughter - hard to come by?

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page daily so that you will not miss an entry.

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  1. Now Bevy, you know you would like to have a matching plaid suit to go with that laughter... I enjoyed that video, and yes it made me laugh... Sometimes I wish I laughed more than I cry, but its not the case.. Life is hard, but we must laugh as we go... even if its at ourselves.. Have a wonderful day...


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