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Friday, October 16, 2015

{day 16} Whispers of the Heart! :: five minute friday | green

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Wow! what a word prompt.  Green!
I never saw this one coming. :)

And, where do I start?
Well.  Green is my favorite color!!

However, there are shades of green that matter more to me than others.  I have to remind my kids of this whenever they toss around the phrase, "green is mommy's favorite color".

It all depends on what shade or color of green we're talking about - here!
You'll see the colors gray-green and olive in clothes I wear.
Shades of green in fabrics I choose to use, in sewing.
Various colors in bits and pieces of decor.
And - "greens" are a huge part of meal making and consumption.
It's a balancer to the plates palette and it looks so pretty, too! :)
Gotta have those greens!

Thankfully - green isn't my only go-to color of choice!

I have other favorites, too.  And, that is what I want to focus on.

Where we are not all the same.
God made each of us unique and special... to fulfill his purpose and plan.
I'm glad I'm different than you and that you're different than I.  My kids and I talk about this quite often - how we're unique and special.  There is no one else quite like {them} in the whole wide world.  It boggles their little minds.
As humans, friends, family... this is where we compliment one another.  We may favor one another and one can tell by looking we're from the same family tree...
But.. really.
You stand out in a color all your own.
Various shades. Yes!
Yet, none of us are favored, one over another - in God's eyes!  Amen?
At the same time.  And, this is something very important to remember here.  In God's eyes... we are all the same!  Souls who need a Saviour...

Guess which pumpkin is my favorite...?

Oh my goodness.. Heavenly Father!  Thank you for your creative beauty.  That we are your focus and delight. That you long for intimacy with each person you have created.  
We're created equal in the sense we ALL have a need of a Saviour... your son, Jesus!  But...you've created us differently.  Uniquely... and no one person is exactly the same.
What an interesting word-prompt today ... green!  Because, it got me thinking. Thinking about how our individuality matters.  If we were ALL THE SAME how boring the coloring page would be. No. It's not boring at all.  Each one of us, as different as we are, plays a part; gives attribute to, in God's BEAUTIFUL work of art. 
Lord, let me be a shade of green.  Green - giving life, growth and encouragement where it matters!

How about you?  Have you ever thought about this?  God doesn't play favorites with his colors - he uses them all.
And, just for fun.  What is your favorite color?  Do you have one? please share...


Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page daily so that you will not miss an entry.


  1. Such a lovely post. Green is also one of my favorites, but I love the many different shades found in nature. So thankful for a creative God who deisgned a world with so much beauty, and the people in it in lots of colors and hues. I'm your FMF neighbor : ) Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I am the same, it depends on the shade of green... I am thankful that we all are not alike, that is what makes each of us beautiful.. I have several favorite colors, but I would have to say, Red, Pink (light pink), and coral probably along with white would be my favorites.. I can tell ya, Purple is a big No go for me... Enjoy this season of colors and the weekend...

  3. Green was never one of my favourite colours...mainly because my school uniform was bottle green. But...looking at the beauty that surrounds me ...God couldn't have chosen a better backdrop to his creations. This world is full of beautiful colours...which mirrors the beautiful souls that inhabit it...all different...but coming together to make a wonderful world
    Wonderful post.
    Phoebe x


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