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Sunday, October 18, 2015

{day 17 & 18} Whispers of the Heart! :: offer and worth

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I hope no one minds, but for whatever it's worth - I'm combining two prompts (two days) into one.  Not entirely by choice... but, sometimes when life calls you to sacrifice and "give up" time and presence due to sickness and or busy schedules - well... that's what has been happening here, over the weekend, at our household.
Thank you, kindly, for your understanding.
 I appreciate it.


....and we offer up to you -
a sacrifice of thanksgiving.
and we offer up to you - 
a sacrifice of praise.
This little praise chorus has been on my mind the last couple of days - and again, first thing this morning... I heard it playing on the morning radio as I rolled over to hit the snooze button.  So, I knew immediately that this needed to be part of today's post.

What do I have to offer, today?
I wonder this.  Somedays more than others.  I don't mean it to sound negative - that's not it at all.  I know I have a lot to offer - but so much of the time it feels like it all falls flat.

It's no use, I argue, and yet I know... all God requires is a broken and contrite heart.
This brings something to mind.  An illustration from some time ago.  I was invited to attend a Ladies Discipleship class where a group of ladies from our church did a study on the book entitled Brokenness, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  The irony of doing this book study was in what I was feeling and thinking right up to the moment of attendance.  This was one of the first book studies I had ever done - as a semi-new mom (I don't think my youngest was even in the picture, at the time) - and I felt at a loss, as in like, really... what do I have to offer to this group?

Interestingly... I discovered... you only get out of something what you're willing to contribute.

If it means a sacrifice in doing so... than so be it.  Besides, a sacrifice isn't really one unless it hurts a little and you really feel it.
I share that for my benefit - not yours - as my reader.

I need this reminder.  Daily.  And, especially now, as a seasoned mom.
As a wife.  As a homemaker.  As a friend.  As a sister.  etc.

And, while this photo means little or nothing to do with the words I write today - it's all I have to offer, from while sitting on the couch, with my littlest one - who was not feeling well this afternoon.  A sacrifice?  Perhaps. (again, a poor excuse for topic to these two word prompts)

Honestly.  Yes!  It was a challenge today... all around.

Lord, I confess... offering praise and sacrifice was not an easy task today.  There was more than one way, more than one occasion, in which you've called me to sacrifice - today!  Evidently... I needed this word prompt (or two) to keep focus on what really matters... please, forgive me!  Forgive me for balking in my spirit against what you have called me to do... A CALLING in ways that only I can offer, as a TRUE-BLUE WILLING sacrifice.  No one else can do it the way you ask me to.  And, today was certainly a challenge that you asked me to surrender to.
I'm grateful... it's the end of this day... is that okay? ;)
And, tomorrow it starts all over, I know.  Your word promises and so I am counting on your mercies a new... thank you, Lord!! Amen.

How about you?  I don't even know what to ask... except this.  Please, tell me I am not alone.

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

** I'm writing this post on Saturday, the 17th, for Saturday... and posting it early on Sunday, the 18th, to make it count - for the day!


  1. Bevy, Good Morning... I wrote a comment earlier but my computer decided to do an update, lost it on my end so if you see more than this one, then please know I will try to rewrite my comment..
    Not sure if you saw, but just on Sat evening late, I posted WHY DO I EVEN TRY... Some one close to me cut me to the core with harsh words, created pain, and made me angry.. I try so hard to take the high road in all situations, but this was one of those times I gave in to the Negative and lost it.. I know that God is using me in this person's life to help him see, change, all for the good, not that he is a bad guy, just chooses EGO over so much which creates harsh words to others, lies to protect himself, and then wonders why he feels like he don't fit in.. Its honestly one of the most hardest things I have ever had to be part of in trying to get him to see how important it is to focus on others more than oneself.. I have always been a giver, even made people angry because I didn't allow the negative they were placing before me to tear me down.. Does that mean I haven't caved in? NO by no means, but as I have aged, I have realized more than anything that the true thing that matters is to do what is right for me, even when I don't want to sacrifice my time, my days, my love, my thoughts for others... The devil has a funny way of making us go down the road of why should I help them, they don't deserve it, they are difficult to deal with, and so on... But it always brings that thought to mind of How much Jesus suffered and endured for me/us on that Cross... that is when it makes it easy to say yes, and to keep trudging along hopefully with a smile and sometimes even a word under my breath of ok Lord, I am saying Yes, so help me find the Good... because you know right now, I am not wanting this at all.. and more times than not has he carried me thru... and in the End it turned out better than I could ever have imagined... I am sharing this more so as a reminder to myself than just a comment on here, but sometimes writing it down sets it in stone... and oh how I need that... so Thank You for this sweet blog of yours.. and I give the most highest THANKS to Jesus for always showing me just what I need even when I buck him at every turn... thankful that he forgives and loves unconditionally, thankful for allowing me to still be here with my beautiful family even on the hard days... even when I think the best thing would be to run away... He is wonderful, and he is using me daily.. all for GOOD and that alone I am grateful... so if any of this resonates with you, and you have had a hard day, you are NOT ALONE... we all face days like these... its all in how we handle it.. SO hard to remember when those days hit though... I guess we just should focus on the GOOD and he will carry us thru...
    Your photo is simply beautiful, and somedays that is all we need... Hope your baby is feeling better today, but if not Prayers will be said today... and Prayers for all to work out for the GOOD no matter the circumstance... BLessings to you today... Hope I didn't ramble on too much...

    1. You didn't ramble on too much. I so appreciate your sharing, Your thoughts and your friendship here. Your words mean more than you know. And... like you said, writing it down sets it in stone... SO MANY TIMES, if not ALL OF THE TIME - I write - for me... as a way of journaling it down and if it helps or blesses someone else - then so be it. Thank you for your prayers... everyone is healing up... with a few lingering coughs and I think we're on the mend. Life continues on... unfortunately... still in the fast lane. (sigh).

  2. Dear Bevy... you are not alone. You put into words how I, myself, was feeling and what I was reminding myself of. Praying your little one feels better soon and you have a restful night. Your photo is beautiful!! Melanie P.

    1. {{hugs }} to you - Mel. Thank you for coming here and sharing with me - some encouragement. That I am not alone. You're not either. I know...of the sacrifice (and blessing) you walk through on a daily basis. May you feel HIS strength and peace today as you walk out your days.

      You are in my thoughts and prayers, too!


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