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Friday, October 2, 2015

{day 2} Whispers of the Heart :: family

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This past Wednesday, I started attending a ladies bible study where we've begun thumbing through the pages of a book, written by Karen Kingsbury, entitled The Family of Jesus.  I'm super excited about diving into this study with other ladies.. and while we didn't get far (officially, we start getting in depth next week.) we did sit down and discuss one or more of the questions at the beginning of the book.  A question similar to this.
If you could describe your family to someone you never met - what would you say?

AHHH!!  Here's the thing...

Everyone has a story.  Everyone is part of a family whether they like or or not.  Whether they can account for this said family or not.  And everyone is the start - either matriarch or patriarch - of a whole new and other family.  Pretty impressive, isn't it?

And, so I pray...

Lord, this humbles me.  I'm brought to tears actually... with the realization I'm fully aware that while the family I'm from (immediate or extended) may be walking through some really hard times.  May be really messed up.  May not fully comprehend or accept what it means to be in family. If they do... perhaps they don't appreciate it as they should.  I confess... I struggle in this one, too!  I see the family tree faltering; fading fast.  It's getting dry and losing its luster.

 Again, I'm humbled in how I, as a mom, am to be a difference maker.... and, how I've got my own little family to instill value and morals into and that it is my privilege to fill them up with love - till their little ole hearts burst wide open - overflowing on out into their own storylines and settle into the roots of their own family tree...
Lord, help me!  Help me establish a healthy and vibrant well-rooted family...deep in YOU!   Amen.

How about you?
You know you own a story, don't you?  You may or may not like your family tree all that much - but how are you being a difference maker in the details of this story in the making?  Family lines run deep.  The roots of each tree - matter - in how healthy they remain.

Where are you planted?  How is your family doing?


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  1. Bevy, Yes everyone has a story, good or bad... I chose long ago that I needed to do what was right and I have tried hard to be true to that.. I learned that I must think before I speak, don't give in to those who just want to cause turmoil, and most of all JUST LOVE THEM ANYWAY... Has it been hard, oh my word YES... and still hard today and will be hard until the day I am no longer here on earth.. But I want to leave my legacy of my life that I was Honest, Forgiving, Loving, Hard working, always there to help in need, and etc... with that said, Have I been taken advantage of sure, have I felt unloved oh my yes, have I been mad, yes, hurt, yes, tearful yes, but my goal is to love unconditionally, forgive and move forward, to show them how wonderful life can be if you choose to be happy... loving... caring.. and so on.. My hardest family member I think I normally am concerned about is my Dad, he is ill as you know but even before he was harsh, macho, and never wanted to show emotion.. no matter what he has done, I have always chosen to do what was right, (FOR ME) and for what GOD would want me to do.. I just want to make sure that I make it to Heaven... So many people seem not to get me, but that is ok... I just know we each are blessed with the people in our life Good or BAD... because in reality, GOD puts us together.. we had no choice in the matter... I am sure alot of people would say, but you haven't walked a mile in my shoes... No I have not, because I have walked in my own.. so I do what is right for me, God... and I choose to try to be the best person I can be... Family is special, Family is not to be judged, Family is about Love, caring, and being there for each other.. and it doesn't matter if it is bloodline connected.. Respect, treat others the way you would want to be treated, don't judge and just love them with every thing youve got... and dont hold grudges... and when those incidents happen I just pray and turn them over to GOD... THanks for this one today, although it did make me a bit nervous... but as you see by the length of my comment I did it again... My mamaw would say boy she is long winded... LOL... miss her dearly.. and a smile tidbit, she was just like me... took the high road, honored GOD with her life... and what a blessing it was that she was here with me long enough in my teenage years to help me along the way after my mom passed away... Stay strong in the journey you are on.... YOU CAN DO IT...

  2. Thank you - Connie. Wow... you're response (both in word and action) is so what I want mine to be.

    While I can't change anything or anyone - I can only influence for the future. Starting here at home - with my own. And - this is something I totally take responsibility for. All of it is by God's grace alone. Thank you for sharing your heart via this comment. I really appreciate you!!

    1. Bevy please know that I really tried to always do what was right, but sometimes as we as humans do lost my cool as well, bit back with words towards those that hurt me, but after years of maturity and realizing that I was more upset than they were, I needed not to let them get me worked up or upset.. while I was with them.. so I just tried my best to either remove myself from them at the moment, cool down and just forgive them.. Please know as well, over the years I guess thru trial and error I have learned some, but most importantly I have simply learned that I NEEDED GOD more than anything to help me with Family and issues of family.. I learned the hard way and the best way is to take to the Jesus... p.s we all are human, and noone is exempt from Family issues or just family whether blood or not, so we must just stay on the straight and narrow of what is right for us and GOD... I hope I don't over comment, when I start typing the words just flow.. take baby steps and first and foremost, before we react to any situation we should ask, how should I handle this, or what would please Jesus with this... it helped me so ...

  3. Wow...this whole post and the comments has made me think deep. Thank you for sharing this. I am now pondering these things. Wow!!! Beautiful.


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