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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

{day 27} Whispers of the Heart! :: perhaps

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Perhaps.... is a word that packs in all kinds of possibility.
Do you ever wonder if this could be the day?

Have you ever stepped outdoors and looked to the sky and the clouds
 simply take your breath away?
I have.  And, I whisper to myself - perhaps today's the day.
 Oh come, Lord Jesus, come!!

I try to talk about this to my children.  And... they're only way of comprehending - at this point - by what it means to be ready for when Jesus comes is how they have to be ready for the bus, each school day morning.
They know the bus is coming. Never earlier than 8am... but there is a window of time in which it could come and she may run a little late, but, it always comes.  They know we should be standing outside - by a certain time - so as to not miss that window.

However.   My children are still learning the concept of time and so to look at the clock and figure this out for themselves is challenging.  So, I make sure they're ready.  I tell them to speed it up or we'll miss it, etc.  Lately, I've been challenging them to think through this more for themselves.  I'll say... if Mommy wasn't here to tell you what to do next in getting ready for school - would you be able to be on time and waiting, ready for when the bus arrives...?
And, they don't know.  They still appreciate my reminders and my encouragement.

It's the same way with Jesus' return.
We know he's coming.  We're not sure of his exact return...time wise.
But there are surely lots and lots of signs that point to this.  We only need to look around...
Just like for the bus... we need to be ready.
Standing in anticipation.  At the same time... we have work to do.  Laboring and redeeming the time - not being idle but sharing the good news of Jesus to many who don't know.

We need to remind one another, don't we? The Bible says... encourage one another - as you see the Day approaching. (Hebrew 10:25)
We do this... remind one another to prepare, be ready ...so that no one will miss his return!

Oh Lord Jesus...we long for the day when you will return.  A line of song comes to mind every time I look to the skies ... it goes a bit like this, "this could be the cloud he's coming back on ..."!
I want to be ready.  I want to encourage others to keep their eyes to the skies.  Waiting and anticipating your arrival.  No man knows the day or the hour.  Help us, help me, to stand at attention.  I don't want to be caught doing life with little to no thought of your return.
This sobers me.  It's challenging to think that so, so many people go about their days, their lives with little to no concern whatsoever about the condition of their soul.

Perhaps today, is the day!  I want to be ready when Jesus comes.  How about you?


 Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

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  1. Oh Bevy, I often wonder if I instilled enough with my children, to set it in stone of the importance of being truly ready for his coming.. and honestly, the thought of them not with me in heaven, really scares me.. I pray daily for them to grasp how important it is to be right, to be ready at any given moment.. but somedays I hope I am ready enough as well.. because I fail, fail big... I know he forgives, but will I make it ... I trust and believe I will most days.. This is such a wonderful reminder of how important it is for our soul... Thank you... and so ya know You are doing Awesome...


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