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Saturday, October 31, 2015

{day 31} Whispers of the Heart! :: almost always includes patience

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If I don't hurry up the day will almost be over.  lol!

Tis true.
This post has been on my mind all day - and I haven't had a chance to sit to do anything with it all day, until now.
Between laundry, babysitting at last minute, for friends all day and baking cookies...
and that's the way it goes sometimes.
Here we are on the last day of posting for the 31 days... and can I say I'm almost glad to see it go?  I really did enjoy this one. I might even miss it -  a bit.  I mentioned it the other day - how it seemed pretty doable, like I wasn't that stressed over it, at all... and I think I managed my time and day(s) pretty well.

When I think of this word-prompt almost... well... I was having a hard time with it at first.
Almost is an indication of something never quite done.
Never quite finished.
But close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades.  So my hubby likes to say.

And with the word almost comes a follow-up thought of having to have patience.

When someone asks you to hold on a minute because they're almost through with what they're doing...why that can be challenging.  Can't it?

We know the holidays are almost here - but we have to wait a few more weeks.
Et cetera.

And you can think of a host of other scenarios where this is true. Almost - always comes with having to wait.  Someone will always be at an "almost finished" moment in time and there will be the call of your response within that.
A call for a patient heart.  Some of us have learned this sooner and better than others, I'm afraid.

I really don't know how to wrap this post up other than to say - it has made me think of this topic/idea a little bit deeper. A bit more intentionally.

How patient am I, really?

 I know how when I give out the "I'm almost ready, etc." - it makes others have to choose their response.  Either patience or impatience.

It's inevitable.  One way or the other...
The other challenge - for me - is a reflection of patience in my response when someone asks me if I'm all done (with something) - meaning, they ask "are you finished yet, etc." The pressure of being almost done but not fully can be overwhelming.  Sadly more colors of mine have been shown than I care to say.

What a challenging word to end this 31 day series on.  Through these last 31 days I hope you have been blessed!  I'm thankful to each one for their kindness in reading and in sharing their thoughts.  I have enjoyed each and every one.

I thank God for you always and in every prayer of mine...

God, thank you for these friends - via blogging and in -real life - who are such a blessing to me. I learn so much from them.  I also know You, God, are so patient with me.  And, so very gracious - at every turn.  Thank YOU, Heavenly Father, for never giving up on me.  Never once - not even close.
Your patience is never-ending and perfect because that is what and who you are!!  For sure.  ALL of the time.  Help me to grow in this area and not just sorta-kinda... but truly.

How about you?  What are your thoughts on this topic?  Please share... because I really feel like this is such a dud of a post. lol!  Help me to finalize this post.

Are you a patient person - or only an almost...? 

Sigh.. talk about vulnerability....
and yet, to think I almost didn't finish this series - at all (seriously!) - because I felt like I wouldn't have the patience for it.  And - I'm not just saying this to use up the prompt words... I really mean that.
God is good!  And even I - like I've alluded to already - have been blessed for doing this series - Whispers from the Heart!!

Thank you for reading!


Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page, daily, so that you will not miss an entry.

**Linking with Finding the Grace within - Tuesday @ Ten, linkup.  Her word-prompt was patience.  Perfect to pair with the word almost,  At least, I thought so. :)

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  1. Patience, wow.... I have been told that I have too much patience, but I know clearly that is not true...I have just learned how to hide my feelings when I have to wait... or I just say nothing at all and do the task at hand myself... but waiting on someone is my biggie... I think we all have issues of patience, but alot of it comes from Expectations of those involved.. With the Christmas season approaching, I see so many impatient people, and with myself being a previous Retail person, this season can cause us all to get impatient, but I found that if I focus more on enjoying the gift hunt, or giving, shopping can be bearable for all.. and more importantly our focus should be on Christ, its is his Special day afterall..
    Bevy, it has been a joy coming here daily to read your words, and let it fill my thoughts with something positive... I will miss this... it was meant for 31 days only... YOU DID IT, YOU MADE IT all the way thru... and its been a blessing... Now its time to ring in NOVEMBER.. well tomorrow... Love ya girl...


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