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Monday, October 5, 2015

{day 5} Whispers of the Heart :: home

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Home is such a dear place for me - something I do talk a lot about here on my blog.  Perhaps what I'm saying here today isn't anything new - but it is still very true for me.  Very true!\

What is the temperature of your home?  Seems like a silly question to start out with, doesn't it?

Bonnie Green writes. 
"It is the glow within that creates beauty.  People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle like crystal in the sun.  At night they continue to sparkle only if there is light from within."

I like this idea...

So, what makes for glowing windows? 
There is obviously something REAL to be had - on the inside.  There is a warmth, a peace, and a cozy-feeling, persay, that has to go someplace.  There is a light - the Light of Life- that has to permeate the darkness.
It calls.

It comforts.

It's lovely.

It's beautiful.

It's a reflection.

It's warmth.

It's peace.

It's hospitable.
(Not meaning entertaining or serving a meal, necessarily.  But letting people in your life. Period.)

You can add more thoughts to this.  But here is where this dials down in my life...in my current standing as a wife and as a mother.  Particularly, as it pertains to being a Stay-at-Home Mom.

I am the temperature of my/our home.  How I am on the inside will show on the outside.  How I feel, react, respond, etc.... matters.  If I am happy or moody; smiling or grumpy; singing or snappy; friendly or COLD... whatever the condition of my heart, my being, my face, my persona...it's spreads infectiously, either good or bad, to my spouse and particularly to our children.  Including those outside our home, whether it's over the phone, or in the grocery line.

I want to be as a house with glowing windows!  Even if the windows are stained-glass windows and everything, looking on, appears all ornate and put together... it means very little, unless there is light from within.  That being the light of Jesus Christ shining through.  This is the only way there is true beauty, anyway.

Likewise, if my windows appear dirty or dingy looking on from the outside... certainly not perfect...there is a lot to be said about the temperature of the home on the inside.  When Jesus lives and reigns within, his light can't help but exude outward.  Regardless.

"...her lamp does not go out at night". ~ Proverbs 31:18b

How about you?
What do people see, looking on?  Is there a drawing to the Light of Christ?  Is it a warm, cozy, comfortable place -inside- as Mommy's temperature gauge reads "herein dwells a spirit of loveliness"?  
Listen, this is a question - I daily ask of myself.  Am I a house with "glowing windows"?

Lord, help to do this.  Help me be this.  I need you...

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page daily so that you will not miss an entry.


  1. I am enjoy each of your posts on, Whispers of the Heart. Each has been written from your heart!

  2. Morning Bevy, "HOME" such a awesome word... I too set the temperature in our home, makes me wonder if all mom's do that? I look back when the kids were small and I now can see so clearly how I set the atmosphere of our home.. sometimes good, sometimes not so good... I wanted home to be tidy and "my" perfect daily.. oh how I struggled.. and now I would love to have those messy home days back.. Toys all over, laughter in the air, even a little bickering between my two.. Home now is quiet... sometimes just a little lonely.. But we are never instructed to slow down and LOVE our days when our children are young.. This post makes me think about the elderly, that has several children and grandchildren, but still are so lonely while their are waiting for a phone call, a visit just from 1.. So if your home atmosphere is not what you want it to be, the KEY daily is just to be HAPPY... its ok to do chores later if the children just want you.. STOP and SAVOR these days of having an overflowing, loud, filled with laughter, messy, beautifully lived in home... because one day each of us Moms will have countless hours to have HOME immaculate, organized, and QUIET on a daily basis.. I now understand why the elderly often say, enjoy those babies because once their gone their gone and Home isn't the same... This is what came to mind when I saw the word prompt of HOME... if only I would have realized all of this sooner... Have a wonderful day... Keep me in your prayers a bit under the weather... UGG..

    1. I'm so sorry to hear this Connie... I'll definitely be praying for you as you're not feeling well.

      And - thank you - so, so much for your constant encouragement here at Treasured Up & Pondered. You are dear soul!!


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