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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

{day 6} Whispers of the Heart :: possible

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I have a son - who is at the perfect age of "all kinds of possibility".  In his young-man-mind... everything and anything is possible.  And. for all the right reasons.  His reasons.  It makes me smile.  And, it makes me so nervous, all at the same time.  All the things he thinks he can do or should be doing...can or should happen "just like that"!  You know what I'm talking about?

We just had a small conversation about this - the other morning.  I had to remind him that the extra curricular things he would like to do (aside from the things he's already involved with) are minuscule in the realm of importance as to where and what he needs to be focusing on right now.

I don't want to crush his spirit.  Instead, I gently remind - we've got to keep both feet on the ground and develop the potential that's already being held in the hands.  It's kind of like the string on a kite.  That kite could soar as high as one could imagine - in the right situation.  But... if the string isn't tethered by the hand whose holding it - it will be gone and out of control in a new york minute.

Caleb - practicing with his Whittling Chip for cub scouts!
Heavenly Father, with you all things are possible.  I know Caleb is young and immature - but I know he is capable of great things.  Many things.  He's like his daddy in so many ways.  Always learning and willing to take on something new and questioning of how do you get there in doing it - is not an issue. 
You just figure it out.

But, I pray that his little heart would also foster contentment.  Sticking to task at hand and honing in on the things he's involved with right now.  That he would understand the power and impact of 
stick-to-it-iveness.  That quite possibly as he grows and matures in this area - that other interests will continue to come into play... as they ought.

You know the dreams of his heart...
And, this is yet another reason why I love my son.  He's got a lot of courage.  Possibly more than even I realize...

How about you? What are some of the possible-moments you hear about?  Do you encourage full-bore, at every whim?  Or, do you feel the need to keep the kite-string tethered a bit... ?

Thank you, for joining with me in my 31 days of Five Minute Friday free writes.  I will be updating this home page daily so that you will not miss an entry.


  1. Bevy, this is so spot on today with me and my girl.. Just had a talk about things she is involved, and things that are at her fingertips right now, how to focus on the goal and importance of the goal at hand, I have to admit my girl is grounded, and has seen the struggles Colton has endured by being on the end of a un-tethered kite like you mentioned... She has watched quietly see his life unfold and how easy it is for the people in the outside world influence one.. She is aware that life is precious, and should never be taken for granted, but still at times she wants to JUMP way out there and I am just a mama trying to hold on to that string just a little tighter.. Kylie is 17 and eventually will face life on her own, which is what we all do, but it sure is hard on a mama... I already know that she will be leaving the nest sooner than I wish for because College for her is to be in the south, but I still see too much immaturity to let her go just yet, so maybe a college closer to home would be a more wise choice to get her basics filed away... TIme will tell, and she still has to graduate highschool which will be this coming MAY... anyway, the possibilities are endless and we just have to guide them the best we can, but most importantly hand them over to God in prayer so that he leads them... LOVED this.. but still hard to consider...

  2. Our boys who are now adults have found their way the hard way but we have always encouraged them to keep on keeping on and to believe in them selves and that they can do anything they put their minds and hearts in to for life is short and hope they live it healthy and happy and that's all we can ask of them !. Life is a learning curve and best learnt by living it ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. This was so sweet and lovely!! A beautiful prayer for your son! I read a quote the other day, "Contentment makes what we have, enough." I know Dave and I could use this a bit more in our lives...I thought your prayer for Caleb could be fitting for Dave! ;) lol!!


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