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Friday, November 6, 2015

five minute friday :: dance

... . ... . .. ... . .. ... ... .. .. .. . . . .
Setting the timer for five minutes. 


This is not something I do very often.  Dance.  In fact.  I don't know that I was born with a dancing-sort-of-bone in my body.  My parents didn't have that in them either.  Long story.

My kiddos' sort of do.  Must have come from the other side of the tracks. :)

When my dad passed away nearly 20 years ago. Now. If that didn't stop me in my tracks for typing that out.  Wow!   I cannot believe it will be 20 years - this coming April.  
Anyway.  We, as a family, all smiled and did our best to imagine my dad dancing in Heaven... on those streets of gold. Oh... I know he is! And, what a glorious sight. 
 Interestingly enough is, we would still have family and friends look at us funny if we were to mention that ...  whether they believe it or not.  They simply cannot imagine...the dancing part.

Seeing all the gold-colored, leaf-covered roads right now.. makes me think of this.

And - when I think of Heaven and its streets of gold... I can't help but get this giddy feeling in my soul straight down to my toes.  Oh yes!  There, I can imagine dancing...
And, lots of it!!
:: stop::

These leaves are still holding on, high in this tree.
Appearing as if with bated breath... for when they're last dance will occur.

One of my most favoritest of sounds.  Leaves skittering across the pavement or lawn... chasing each and another around and around.  Until at last they're laid to rest.

So... like I mentioned my children like to "dance"... and I caught my youngest outdoors enjoying the day dancing with the leaves underfoot and before I knew it... she had collected a handful - for the memories. 

Here is to hoping you have a wonderful weekend... 

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  1. There will be a few things that I can't do on earth, that I'm looking forward to doing in heaven.
    Dancing will be one of them!

    Great action shots of Jayne. Best kind of bouquet.

  2. So there are a few more of us who lack the dancing gene, I see. Kate, your images are just perfect for this post. I'm feeling the same way about dancing in heaven.

  3. I love your pictures and the image of dancing in heaven on streets of gold.

  4. When I was a kid on our farm my parents used to have barn dances cause they loved to dance so much and boy could they ever people would step back and watch them every time like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers they were I loved watching them and we have including myself some musically inclined family members as well , my dad also played instruments and we would have dance and jamming get togethers oh those were the days . Sadly my dad and mum are both gone but never forgotten . I used to love going to the dance clubs when I was younger and dance the night away to all kinds of music . I loved it so much I got my Choreograph certificate to teach dancing and that I did for years . Nothing like kicking up your heals and jiving to that neat beat . Wonderful photos and you go girl and have fun .

  5. I love the images of the golden leaves and how you reflected on the golden streets of heaven. Mind blowing. Your daughter is so sweet. I miss when mine would collect leaves and play in them. Thanks for sharing.


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