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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Letting Go {Tuesday @ Ten}

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Saturday.... what a wonderful, wonderful day, it was - living, loving and pulling together as a family.
To work as a team both indoors and out.  Some of which to bless our landlord, Mr. A.
The thing is, is he doesn't know it (yet); nor does he have to necessarily.
These are things, around the farm, that he would have tended to  - but now that he is in this place - 
dare I say it?...  of letting go...
Oh, how I hate the thought of it for him.

I can't imagine day in and day out.  Brain clear and mind brave but physically the challenge remains.
The letting go of 
dreams, passions, 
of dignity and will.

Having hope but not being able to fulfill and hold on.

The feeling of life... fleeting!  F a s t - in its ebb and flow.

For me?  For us?
This affects us too.
This change dribbles down to us in a way that only changes like this can do.
Life - the daily day-to-day - goes on.  Yet, we must decide to let go.
For whenever that day calls.

We're hoping to go visit with our landlord tomorrow... just to let him know - we're okay.  We're praying for him and that we miss him terribly - around the place!  Mostly - just to say "hello" and to bring him some encouragement... as best we can!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that he isn't doing well. I will try to pray for him, his family and of course, all of you! ♥ Ontario is suuure a nice place....just saying...! ;) ♥♥

  2. What a blessing your family must be to him!


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