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Monday, November 2, 2015

November slow...

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Photo overload coming up - perhaps!  But, one way to show you that THIS is my favorite time of year!  Now November is here... and I want to SLOW down (even more) to really take in this season.
This month is already proving to be a busy one without it even trying.  You should see my calendar.  LOL!  Something tells me - yours may look no different.
We're all busy.

For me.  This is the month for intentional and dedicated sewing.  With that, filling orders and collecting a few more.  This is the time for giving... and that means making and baking and sharing and gatherings.
Bible Studies and school events.  Scouting events and Frontier Girls.
Breakfast get-togethers and doctor appointments.
Some of these 2-3 times a week for the month of November with Physical Therapy (for Aubrey's elbow).
A time for friends and family and making memories...
Not to mention the daily keeping of home... and there is more - I'm sure.  Of things, I forgot.

I'm trying to not feel overwhelmed.

Read carefully the quote I've included at the bottom of this post.  I read this quote, earlier this morning and it really impressed me.  Because, it's a call to action... not necessarily to add to the busy that is already in the works.  But to an action of mind and soul.
A willingness and a desire to do and be what I'm called to do and be the most.

Clear the "clutter" - so as to count the blessings!

"If the state of your home* is continuous chaos, make it a priority to bring order into your home. After rhythm, establishing a sense of order is perhaps the most important thing you can do to promote your own and your family's sense of well being. Not to mention that no mother can think clearly, never mind celebrate family life, existing in clutter. "
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach, Mrs. Sharp's Traditions

**I would like to take the liberty to say, If the state of your heart and home is continuous chaos...
Which is more likely my situation.

Above all.  I share these photos, today, as an expression of gratitude and thanksgiving!
Time is short.  And, I want to be intentional to really enjoy this beautiful and busy season - as I've said before.

Will you join me?


  1. As usual, your post is thought provoking. My house is full of clutter and chaos. I am trying my best to clean up but until I retire next month there is little I can do about it. I am saving these quotes, though, to motivate me. Thank you, Bevy. I always learn something from you. And I love all your pictures.

  2. November slow. Ahh yes, I'll take this too please;-) Love that quote and all the Autumn photos. Typing now and glancing out of the corner of my eye at a little one rolling around on the floor, learning to crawl in her handmade bevy shoes passed down from the last baby:-)

    Happy home keeping, making and baking. And happy November slow dear one.

  3. Loved all of this BEVY... Hard to believe 2 days have already flown by for November... and that tells me to SLOW down... thanks for the reminder... Happy November... thanks for the inspiration in the photo of the cookies... awesome...

  4. Your photography has improved so much. Each picture captures and echos your thoughts.
    Yes, November should be about preparation for the *things to come.

    *this could be about anything from Christmas or Christ himself

  5. LOVE, LOVE your photos Bevy! Just beautiful! :)


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