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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Small Steps

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What comes to your mind when you hear or say the word - change?

Could it be the rolling-around-on-the-floorboard or the jingle-in-your-pocket kind of change? Hopefully it's much more than that...

Maybe you go with what happens in and with the weather?
 The seasons?  The way of nature, in general?

Could it be what grandma says when she hasn't seen you in awhile?  
"My sonny, you've changed!" And she pinches your cheeks!

How about your status, your job, your situation?  
Those things change - all of the time.

So, our story is about to change.  The Lord only knows when...and at what rate of speed!

Every day is a different sort of day.  And, I can get hung up on this.

Well, so this one particular morning didn't go so well - and I was left to deal with grumpy little-kid attitudes and some of them were my own doing, I reckon.  We had a busy, dedicated schedule, this particular day, and everyone had to be somewhere by a certain time... and the ahhh! moments started to hit the fan.

At the same time - it was the most beautiful of fall days and the tilted, softening of the morning sun - though beautiful - blinded us as it streamed (just right? no, wrong..) into the kitchen window.  It should cheer... instead it frustrated.

Why am I drawn into this?

There are things in the back of my mind and heart that affect this.  Everyday takes us deeper to a place of uncertainty.  Our landlord is very sick!  This could mean an immediate change for our family or, it could be a long time coming.  Who knows?  

This is hard!

In the meantime - life is happening at full-tilt.  The kids are growing and doing and yet life as we know it is uncertain.  And, without saying.. I think my children are aware of "change" in this manner.

This one particular morning while waiting for the bus.  A dark blue pickup pulls in to the drive.  It's not Mr. A. in his tanish Silverado like we're used to seeing every day.  This man... he hops in to borrow our landlord's cattle truck, starts it up and is sitting, waiting to pull out.  Waiting because, in the meantime, the Big Yellow 54 rolls to a stop at the end of our drive and my kiddo's hop on...

The driver of the cattle truck - again, not Mr. A, but reminds us of him with his weathered face and beaming smile... is an older farmer man...and we miss Mr. A terribly and I say so.  I don't know this man, really,  I just know he's relation of our landlord - but with his window rolled down  - I say hello and we make small talk!  He responds in kind and he says... referring to my children who have just boarded the bus...these two words:  Small steps!
Then, he continues...."yeah, this is not easy seeing {friend and family} suffer like this.  It's sad!  But, there's not much we can do about it - it's all in the Lord's hands, really."  

I nod.

I must have looked at him with a quizzical-like expression - because he repeated himself and says more informatively "sending kids off to school like this - is just the small steps we take in life".  I immediately felt a lump form in my throat.  We have something in common.   You see...this man, he too, is taking steps, in adjustment and such, just as we are...  life brings us here to face this moment together!

His careful and slow comment, regarding small steps, simply came from a place of deep wisdom.  And - am left to ponder this.
However, I balk.  If only he knew what hurdles I had already faced this morning... in mothering! My kiddo's attitudes; not wanting to head out to school, etc. and yet, the daily grind of that is still yet another step in preparing them for their future.   I know.

School is one.

Correcting and guiding... is another.

Learning from mistakes is another.

Loving, and living....fills all the spaces in between.

Because this man knows as well as I that - his brother-in-law, who is also our landlord - is hurdling one of the largest steps he's ever dared to climb.  Life ahead - will only bring on greater and greater steps to take.   For all of us.

One step forward, two steps back.

What may seem like little and insignificant to some can be large and looming to another.  Change.

There really is no concrete definition now, is there?

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  1. Its true isn't it? We really don't know what small steps or events will have a large impact in our lives. We took a trip with my Dad recently, and in our travels, talked of all of the memories of his life and ours; at one point we came to the conclusion that if my Dad had been accepted into a certain Fraternity in College, that I and my brothers would never have been born. This is a bit of a long story for such a simple but small step, but "long story short", because of that fact, my Dad and his mother and sister moved into a house, in the College town that my father was going to , and he happened to move in next door to a young girl and her family... the girl who later became my mother; I am sure you can fill in the gaps. It is nice to know that small steps and little events are important. every last one. We should start each day knowing the importance of the little things. Nice post Bevy, have a lovely day.

  2. If each of us take a minute,step back and reflect on life that a Small Step most likely had a Large impact on our lives... and in that Small Step moment, I know for me, FEAR and UNCertainity played such a big role and is why I only took a Small Step... When I was on a weight loss journey years back, I had gotten so heavy at least for me, I decided one step at a time, one minute at a time in my walking program.. Before I knew it I could go not only 1 lap around the track, but 16 and for me that was 1 hour of walking daily.. I dropped the weight, felt better than I had in years, but it all began with small steps.. and I spent that time praying for GOD's help... Ya know I think that is what he wants from us, small steps and he will carry us until we are ready for the big steps.. and I know for me it was a great way to enjoy my time with him..
    p.s. I wonder if you would join me in prayer for Joey Martin Feek (from Joey and Rory) so many are gathering across the Globe tonight at 8 to pray for a miracle for her.. she is in the battle of her life with Cancer.. only days has been given to her ... she is a close friend of mine here in Kentucky... as well as being a know singer.. I pray God spares her life so she can raise her beautiful daughter.. and be with her husband, children and family.. such a wholesome girl..

    Thanks... Have a wonderful day...

    1. should have said, a close friend of mine is a friend of hers... Joey's friend of mine is Missy...

  3. My mum used to say , life is full of changes and it is the way it is and we will get through each and every change , one step at at a time . Change can be good it all depends on how one handles it and their out look of it all . ! Hope all goes well . thanks for sharing , Have a good day !


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