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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tuesday @ Ten :: Determined

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Determined.... or relentless?

I have a precious four year old daughter who I so badly want to refer to as Relentless Jayne!  I don't think the name would bless her, overall; I mean, what kind of name is that?  And - yet...this is what she is!!!!! If you look closely, her picture is in the dictionary under such said word. :)

 Honestly - I don't call her this to her face but I have referenced this endearment to others, in the moment.  Because, I really do love this little one.  Her "gift" to the family dynamic is strong and powerful like a falling rain that won't stop.  I say endearment because it is true... an endearing reminder that for every time this trait emerges... I should think to pray.

I do.  But, not enough, I'm sure.

My prayer for my young daughter is that this spirit of will - will not depart from her, but only grow in a more sanctified direction.
That this will ultimately be a blessing in her life.

A determination to overcome!  A will to surrender.
A temperament that will only soften but remain strong in the face of trial.
A relentlessness in prayer and petition to a loving and Holy God!
This is a beautiful thing... in the right way and context.
That these moments for her will not be for self-gain but for the blessing of others and giving glory, ultimately, to the Lord.

Oh Lord, I pray for my little one that you would continue to soften her heart...
And Lord,  I want this for me!

How can I learn from my own daughter?  What can I learn from this?
I do know my response, to her, isn't nearly as patient and sanctified as it should be - in these moments - and that right there is what and where I am determined to makes changes - and so with prayer and petition I humbly ask for help!  Lord, I so need you in this...

I found a semi-humorous quote the other day that speaks to this...

Some people think they have a strong will when rather what they have is a strong won't.

How true!

Why do we often think this all as a negative - when really it is and can be an ever more important positive aspect in anyone's life?

May the teaching moments continue...
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  1. I feel your emotions.
    You love them and the frustrations comes and then the love pops back!
    I have a grand daughter (same age) who I pray over just like you.

  2. Being relentless can be a blessing if used in the right way. I know the prayers sent up for Jayne will not return void. As you said, being relentless for the Lord is a blessing.

  3. She is adorable... isn't funny how each and everyone of us has different traits... GOD is amazing like that....

  4. I love this and it has ministered to me. I too have a special "passionate' blonde headed boy. I call him "determined"!!!


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