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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


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With the new year now upon us (obviously, here we are in the midst of January!) I took note of a little "update attention" needed with our address book!  It's tired.  It's back is breaking and it needs cleaning it up a bit, if you will.  Got to start cleaning house...somewhere!!
Lord, have mercy -  I say.  This poor book!  A life-treasure, for sure!

However, it seems there are more lines (names and addresses) crossed out; whited out, replacing the old with the new of updated name and addresses filled in and rewritten here and there - throughout this old book of ours; possibly, more than one can even imagine. It's no wonder, really, because the original book is close to 15 years old. :)

A lot of our life has taken a turn...

It's amazing how life's revolving door brings about such a dramatic and relational change, etc. People come and go!  Location and vocation take us here and there.
Unfortunately, we sadly lose touch!

 I don't know if you feel like this... but, it's like if you lose contact with certain folks - you feel almost guilty for taking them out of your address book - because it feels like you've "taken them out" of your life - for good!  Is that right?

I don't know if I like that... feeling!

Honestly, the one thing that the old book has allowed - is a pass down memory lane.   As I would think about so and so and wonder what they're up too; where life has taken them to... I pause to pray.

However, all of this is a literal two-way street - isn't it? - to stay in touch with everyone you know and even once knew?  I reckon, I haven't always done my faithful best.  But - this is how life rolls, doesn't it?

Maybe it's my loyal heart talking - but I wonder why so many silent good-byes...?  Makes me kinda sad... and yet - I think of all the new "hellos" that are out there for today - ones that I am so forever grateful for.  Ones that I KNOW will remain a part of our family and lives for a long, long time.

Nonetheless, it honestly is time to update, while continuing to cherish the family and friends
 that remain a constant in our young family's life.

Here's to 2016!!

:: Have you ever paused to consider just how many people you know? ::


  1. I am glad we are back in each others address book:)

    1. Oh yes! me too! Now we need to get a date on the calendar for another "cup of talk" a.k.a. coffee... :)

  2. Bevy, I have often thought about how life gives us seasons of people, friends.. As I have looked back over the years, I have wondered about those that just up and left without a word. I use to wonder alot about why, but then a dear friend told me that God gives us people for seasons, some stay forever and some are there for a simple purpose. So I chose to accept that and it took away the wonder of WHY.. I am grateful for the small group of friends I now have, whether its thru connection of a blog, fb, or in person I cherish each one. I am like you, I pray for all that has crossed my life and wish them well. You did well with the address book. Wow, 15 years sure makes it special I am sure. Snowy here in Ky today and COLD. At least, I am home. Take care and stay warm..

  3. I just has this happen to me at Christmas time. I pulled out my worn out 17 year old books full of people that either have passed away, no longer acknowledge our family (due to moves or etc.) family that moved so much I don't even have the right address. Church member that have left churches, on and on. I pondered a lot of what you mentioned above.

  4. I love my address book, people laugh at me for still keeping one, but I don't totally trust computers and I like being able to just open it up and have everything at my fingertips :-) lots of good memories and friends and families inside . Have a lovely evening!


  5. I, too, am *deeply* saddened by the loss of friends. ESPECIALLY the ones without a single word of goodbye, the ones that I thought we had made heart connections with. The ones we shared SO MUCH of our soul to. Alas, I will continue to love them and continue to pray for them. I may never know why they chose to "end" the friendship, the sister hood fellowship we had in Christ, while we are all on the learning path of life, strangers and pilgrims we are all. God knows all, He is ALL, and I will continue to look to HIM for true acceptance. HE WILL ALWAYS BE OUR FRIEND, even in the darkest times. Even when we feel like we are alone, for we are not truly alone.

    Beverly. You are a true, kind, caring spirit. When you send a thoughtful card to someone, God smiles upon you because you are so loving and accepting of others with an open heart. You are a treasure.

    Please know I hold lovingly in my hands and in my heart each thoughtful card I receive from you. Please know I always *intend* to send you a note, but I let my distracted life get in the way of my heart sometimes.

    But know you are appreciated. And loved.

    God bless you for keeping so many friendships, even the online ones, near and dear to your heart.


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