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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


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 I feel like I've recently touched on this word, and I well, maybe it's been longer ago than I realize.  When something really belongs... it's a real treasure.  Could it really have been two summers ago?  I guess.  Wow...time flies, doesn't it?

Which brings me to my thoughts today.

Last week would have been my Grandmother's (a.k.a. Grammy) 97th birthday!  She's passed now for some time but I just love these photos of her from our Wedding - back in 2005.

I felt I wanted to share them with you, today.

Wow.. seeing these photos makes me miss her all the more.  And, you know what?  One of my biggest regrets in life is not appreciating her to the fullest - when I should have.
But oh I loved my Grammy.  She had the pillowiest upper arms... (as a youngster)... I always loved this about her.  They were so, so comfy to rest my head on. :)
The funny thing is.  As I grow older - I see her in myself more and more.  Her wit.  Her "funny" side.  Her sense of humor, even her pizzazz.  Yes, my Grammy had some of this.  She was a riot! Some even deemed her a trouble-maker. :)
Now.. I have a long way to go, and I don't know if I want to ever go this far.  Being a trouble-maker and all...
Actually, I probably shouldn't even have said trouble-maker as much as she was a "whippersnapper".
That sounds like something she would have even called herself.., as a name!  lol!!

  But anyway, all that to say... if I could only sit and talk with her today - wow!
Would I ever glean a lot.

She often took initiative.  She was a go-getter.  And, maybe she had to be this because my Grandpop - was so laid back.  I don't know.
She made friends easy.  Everyone knew Aquilla.
No one person was ever a stranger.  They were just always a friend she just hadn't gotten to know yet.

I love that I have her way about the kitchen - using a little of this and a smidgen of that - and well... I would say she was a dump cook.  So, am I and proud of it. :)
Not always the tidiest of homemaker's - but always pleasant... and willing to give others a home - if needed!  And, how many, many folks have they taken under their wing in their life-time?

I can still hear my Grammy sing - in her deep, slightly-off alto voice.
Hear her chuckle.  Hear her tease.
She always had the best expressions and the best stories...
And - if you know me and think I can cry at the drop of a hat... well... I'm nothing in that regard.
Her heart was so big!!!

She dabbled with singing in choirs, participating in community events, reflexology on the side, missions/bus trips, quilting, etc.! A farmer's wife.  A gardener. My grandparents owned a small (hobby) orchard...always, always putting something up.
Always willing to go out of their way to do for others...

With all of these memories shared today - I am so grateful that they belong to me.  I really treasure these warm thoughts and choose to hold onto them, deep in my heart.

It's all what makes me want to be a grammy someday!

Some day!

I am so grateful that she (as my dad's mother) was the Matriarch of the family to which I belong.
 Makes me very proud and I feel very, very blessed as well.
Even, if I too, have pillowy upper arms.
I miss my Grammy!!

In this photo we are standing in front a quilt that was "made" by my Grammy (actually, quilted by several Lancaster Co. Amish friends) and this gift was on display at our wedding - because she thought she would never live to see the day of this particular granddaughter getting married.    And, that was her and I's little inside joke.

This quilt lovingly graces our bed, today!!

I love the memories that it holds!


  1. beautiful. tears.

  2. What a sweet post, and beautiful wedding photos! ♥

  3. What a treasure to have such dear memories. I would like to have met her myself. I bet that quilt was such a wonderful offering of love from her and I know you hold it dear. Bless you friend.

  4. This is lovely Bevy!! Your Grammy sounds wonderful!! A LOT like you! :) The pictures are precious!!

  5. such a precious post, bless you.

  6. This....this is a heart felt, tug on my heart, post!
    The picture with her hand on Scitt's shoulder, makes me smile because her smile is so genuine and happy.
    I love being a grandma. I never had one. I am very touched that you shared your grandma with us.

  7. Oh. Those pictures are priceless. I have good memories of your Grammy too. She was a great lady.

  8. Beautiful tribute to a woman I think you are daily becoming more like. She'd be so proud to see the woman you've become since her homecalling. Your wedding photos are beautiful!

  9. Lovely post that brought tears. And oh, so true. I remember most of those traits and quirks too. We come from good stock, Bev! So glad you are my cousin and that we knew, watched, and loved Grammy together. Love you, Bev!

    1. Hey Carmen - I'm so glad to see you here!! Thank you for coming by... I miss you!

      {{hugs}} - and yes, from good stock. VERY proud of our family heritage!! For sure!.. You are loved.

  10. WOW what BEAUTIFUL photos of you and your Grammy .. this was a beautiful post.. thank you for sharing! and thank you for linking up on my Tuesday at Ten

  11. Sounds a lot like my mum may she RIP ! What a lovely post and photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good day ! just remember they may not be here in body but they are always with us in our hearts and memories !

  12. Hey Bev,
    Loved your post about grammy! :) Just wanted to say you did a great job. The tears came to my eyes when i saw her picture. I miss her too!
    Have a great day!

  13. Your Grammy sounds amazing! Actually, she sounds *exactly* like my own mother! :) And my mama is a tiny, Italian lady from Brooklyn! ;) Complete with the pillowy arms, which I inherited too!

  14. Bevy, I just came back to reread this post again. It is so wonderful!
    You look so happy, too! Love that you and your grandma had an inside joke.

  15. SO Beautiful Bevy, you and your granny.. and the story. I too was blessed with a beautiful Mamaw, Oh how I wish I could have one more talk, one more just sitting by her side, and eating some of her delicious meals. She too was a Dump cook, so am I.. and about the arm thing.. One of my biggest wishes has been to have surgery on my arms, due to excess weight loss, but I have never ever checked it out, just been a thought, and honestly I am not that vain.. lol.. but I may just accept them as part of me.. they may be the thing that may warm a grandbaby some day.. Bless you sweet friend..
    I hope to talk to you sometime, still under the weather here, went to doc this morning Full blown FLU.. very little voice and very sore throat, at least the fever has broke.. so I am on the up hill swing.. take care..

  16. Bev,

    Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Brought tears to my eyes as it reminded kept my grandmother and great grandmother. I being a grandma myself pray that I will have such an impact on my granddaughters.
    Looking forward to reading more of your post.



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