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Friday, February 12, 2016

Long Line of Love + Giveaway!

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It's not too often that I have a blog title come to me before a post is actually written. But, that's what has happened with these words here today.

If you know anything about me and my story and our current family's situation...you can conclude that I don't favor to change(s) very well.

A lot has been happening the past few months that can almost reflect the bitter cold of the outdoors.  That's only true, right now, because of the arctic chill that has come down and settled in over our region.
And we're anticipating a lot more changes rising high on the horizon.
We know the why - but there is no telling when or how they'll come about.

Not all the changes happening around here are terrible, though.  They are changes just the same.  They stiffen.  Hold us back- till we "warm up" to the idea. It's okay! 
 They rattle.  They upheave - till it settles back down and we're ready to "ride out the wave" the rest of the way.  Going with the flow.

But when one starts to look for the color that love brings; the cheer in the dark and hardened places... because, it is there!... it really can revive and bring life and meaning back into the stone-cold heart.

What can crack that for you?

What brings that life-blood pumping again - for you?

What warms that ole heart of yours?

Are you longing for some color - crystal clear - in your darkened world?

Walk with me for a minute through this "cold and blustery" morning.  The sun is shining - yes!! and the sky is bright and gorgeous blue!  Icicles hang on and low - line upon line. 
 I look for them.  Nestled in here and there.
They make me smile!!

They remind me of the warmth of God's love melting.....forming...shaping...the cold into something new!!
Ooohh, what's this?  I see my kids names etched in the snowbank - line upon line - all in a row.


Enter indoors - it's time for a warming-up, kind of cup of coffee (and soon some lunch, boasting one of my favorite condiments... pickled beets!!) and my eyes scan the dining room table.  Leftover bits of paper-heart making is strewn all over... my heart swells just a tad fuller as I see handwritten love notes from my four and seven year old.  With that I hardly see the mess.

Together we clean up the pieces and somehow the heart seems willing (You know, this isn't always the easiest of chores - to clean up after the fun is done!)... I can't believe it!!  
Where is the easy button?

Has their hearts melted somewhat, somehow, too?  Changes...

I know.  We've been praying this prayer lately.  
Create in me a clean heart, oh God!  And renew a right spirit within me...
Well.  He's obviously doing this.  In all of our hearts...
On the heater... I see more hearts laid out, lined up, all in a row... my seven year thought to do this to dry ALL THE GLUE needed to layer these valentines... which she used entirely way too much glue, was my first thought, and I wanted to scold.  But in the end - this was her creativity in full swing and I decided if I'm to continue to "build my home" the way I know I want to then I need to let it go!

Let my love grow... and use WAY more encouragement and praise than ever before!

You see - I know I've come from a long line of love.
Why... out of the blue this potted plant from my mom - who stopped by on a whim!  
Really?  No... it's because she loves...and to say, I'm thinking of you.
Happy Valentine's Day!!

As I have been loved so I must love you!

Which reminds me.

How about a GIVEAWAY today?

I've been reading this book... slowly but sure.  And even passed it on to a friend or two, to borrow...

Love Walked Among Us, by Paul E. Miller.
Can I just say....It's amazing!  

This love is Jesus and in a very practical way - teaches us how to love like he loves!!

I do have to tell you the book I give today is a bit tattered. Loved on.  "Gently used", you might say - because it is my own copy. However, I just want to bless you with this quietly compelling and encouraging read.  Your comment today - will allow you a chance to win this wonderful book as my giveaway today... simple as that.

The winner of this giveaway will be declared and notified, sometime next week!
Until then... seek to see some color in your world today?  Can you?

Do you know you're from a long line of love?

How can I be praying for you today?

And, may I wish you a lovely weekend!!


  1. I can only guess what you are going through. Children really do make the heart beat faster.
    I will pray for you and the changes in your life.

    I am loved and the past few months my love has grown. Debilitating pain and a slow recovery, my husband has walked with me, taken care of me and loved me through it all.

  2. After picking up my 17 year old daughter from school today, she just looks over at me and says while I am driving "Mom I love you, I know its early but Happy Valentines day".... I love the simple kind of love... and to me Love should be shared every day with kindness, and kind acts.. No gifts that cost money is required..
    So to Bevy, and everyone else Happy Valentines day early.. and I hope its love filled.. especially in the simple way..

  3. Wonderful post and photos . I to love pickled beets . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend and hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day ! Love is in the air !

  4. Love the photos and Jesus!!! This little peek into your home and life was wonderful!

  5. Bevy,

    I know so much of the experience of change as it has been a constant in our year. Since last June it feels are life spins in change. Every day holds a snippet of change or practicing the change that has taken place. To be honest I do have to practice in good cheer the change in our life.

    That books sounds great.

  6. Happy late Valentine's Day!

    I actually relish change, it's when my life becomes stagnant that I have trouble! ;)

    This book looks wonderful and please count me in!

    And just so you know, Lancaster County is a great place to live! :) And you wouldn't be *too* far away from your family!



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