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Thursday, February 18, 2016

What does it look like to care? + giveaway winner!!

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Strengthen those who have tired hands, and encourage those who 
have weak knees. ~ Isaiah 35:3

Do I care?  Do you care?  I mean, as in like, really care - for others?
What does "to care" really look like?

Where I attend church - we have what are small groups that meet on a every-other week basis  and those groups, in particular, are called caregroups.
Except that right now...our current group has recently disbanded and we (as a family) are on the hunt for another caregroup to join, within our church community.  Searching that out and pondering over this aspect has caused a lot of questions to loom large in our hearts.  What is "care"?  What am I expecting; what am I looking for in a new caregroup?
What am I willing to contribute to others - as far as care goes...etc.?  Would I be willing to help lead a caregroup for others to attend and feel cared for?   Ahhh. So many questions...

I've also been wondering where I've fallen off the band-wagon of caring or if I have, even at all?
It's all just stuff to think about.

We all know this caring stuff is so important.  So necessary for life and growth.  And - besides the fact that it is commanded in Scripture... to encourage one another - and to build each other up!!

We need care as much as we need to care!

I do believe there are varied levels to this.  I don't think there is this high attainable place of caring and that you have finally arrived... but I do know we are called to care for one another... whether it be little or a lot...or just the right amount.  It'll never, ever be done perfectly - that is for sure!

As I've been thinking through this thought of what care looks like, I can't help but share a couple of helpful quotes that have quickened me to the core,  Quickened...with both conviction and encouragement.  I only hope they will serve to do the same for you, as well.

Here is one from Barbara Johnson.

When we do little acts of kindness that make life more bearable for someone else, we are walking in love as the Bible commands us.  One way to do this costs only the sum of a postage stamp, a little paper, and ink.  Everyone of us has felt the nudge to write someone a letter or note.  Many times we don't follow up on it; we tell ourselves it wouldn't matter anyway.  When we think this way, we miss giving receiving splashes of joy.

For me - while this surely means following through with a thoughtful card or note... I also know it means making or taking that phone call.

I don't do the phone.  (eeks!)

I personally shy from this so much... and yet I realize it's just another avenue to "fully" care for others.
Oh, there are so many, many other ways... for sure, to care!!  Ways such as: a personal visit.  A Blessing Meal. A listening ear.  A cup of coffee.
A ride to work or an appointment and home again...

What could it be for you?

Here's another quote, from Barbara...

When the floodwaters of the cesspool have come up to your very soul (you know what that means for you!), you don't need challenges; you need comfort.  You need a friend to come alongside and say, "I am hurting with you... I am standing with you... I am weeping with you.  I am undergirding you as best I can.  Link your shield of faith with mine and somehow we will make it together."
~ Barbara Johnson

I know I need this.. and I fully appreciate when this is how someone cares for me.

This following prayer - may it be mine and yours, as well!!

Heavenly Father,  Create within our hearts a broader, more kindly inclination to extend our hand to whomever You send along this slippery path of life.  May we lovingly hold each other up and keep each other from falling.  Inspire and enable us to "be there" for each other as You are there for each of us. ~ Marilyn Meberg

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  1. Love the basket!! Is it on top of your piano? I tend to make a phone call, but it is increasingly difficult to find a quiet time, send a quick text, email. I used to send TONS of cards, but since I got married...I have gotten out of the habit:( I love a quick visit.

  2. Bevy,

    I have been pondering on this for the last month. Wow. Thank you for sharing this. I think those small acts of random kindness is sometimes just as meaningful or even more than large deeds.

  3. Like they say it is the little things that truly count . Love the photo , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. We have received much care over the past few months and the church we have been attending here has blessed us tremendously with tangible touches of care. We are so thankful! Now I am pondering how to reach out and share that to others... I feel some trepidation in it - new places, new faces, new conversations, new foods! Put I want to press in and I desire to be a blessing to others! This may be my final push to pick up the phone...

    Miss you! :)


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