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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The word is wait!

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What happens when the word is "wait".  Just wait!   And you've already been holding that load for a long enough time?  I think I'd want to change the word to - weight!  Amen?

This isn't easy.  This is heavy stuff.

Weight bears hard on one's soul - especially on one who has literally waited far too long, as it is!

I was just talking with a neighbor friend - the other day.
Her WAIT is weighing her down.
Big time!
She is overwhelmed with being overwhelmed.

Can anyone relate to this?

What do you say in a moment like that?

Oh - we could say all the cliche stuff... but what if that doesn't hold any longer?

The only thing I supposed I could do - really - was to offer a listening ear, sit a little longer than anticipated, and offer her a hug and a prayer - as she went out the door.

I think...I hope...
Her load was a little lighter... even though she still has to wait.

I tried to encourage....

The darker the night.  The brighter the LIGHT shines.
The waiting room may be really dark right now (and you're not sitting there alone - I'm here too) - but soon enough the door will open. Light will come streaming through - as in - it's your turn!!


  1. I have been there so many times and can guarantee I needed a listening ear sometimes. Not someone trying to fix it but someone willing to listen. A lot of times when I would talk to someone who would listen I would figure out solutions on my own or at least felt someone cared.

  2. Waiting is one of the hardest things I have had to do. Fortunately I had good friends to wait with me. And God always waits too. He's much better at waiting than I am. Thanks for this post.


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