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Monday, April 18, 2016

Time and Encouragement

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Every time we encourage someone, we give them a transfusion of courage. 
~ Charles Swindoll

Wow!  I want that to always be true.  For me.  From me.

Encouragement matters.  And, sometimes, somedays, way more than we'll ever know.

A fun computer selfie!

As young as eighteen months to two years of age... I see this played out, month after month.
For context, my husband and I serve in Children's Ministry at our church - one time a month - in the young Nursery Class.  This is for those Littles who are able to sit up by themselves, until they reach their 2nd, almost 3rd, birthday.
And - it's been so fun to observe these kids - from month to month.  Watching them mature into being "left behind" in an unfamiliar room, yet with lots of friendly faces, toys, books, and other "little friends"...

Some are very brave and never serve an issue, right out of the chute. Others start out that way, in class (all brave and wonderful) but over time - they change and become more suspicious... meaning -
"Wait, where's Mom? And, Why isn't she here, etc" and we'll need to work with them.  Calming and "encouraging" them to hang in there; be brave...and to wait patiently.

Others can't do it but for 5 minutes and we have to call the parents back...almost immediately.

All of that to say is every time we encourage someone - we give them a transfusion of courage.  This is true.  Again, it's neat to see these little ones grow up and mature.  Month after month... it's exciting to see changes happening.

Surprisingly! Most times of the kiddo's who need encouragement to stay - is because it's Mom (or Dad!)- who is the one who needs the courage to let go!  :)

That in time... this need for bravery, for encouragement, happens and must happen.  And, it does!!

It's amazing how both of these things; time and encouragement, go hand in hand.
It matters!!

(This is just my honest, humble, observation...nothing more.)


  1. You and Scoot are the perfect couple to encourage those parents and some of those little blessings.

  2. Beautiful show of encouragement!

  3. Bevy, First your little children are simply adorable.. and what a wonderful thing to do as to work with other little ones.. I am sure its trying at times, but children can sure put smiles on our faces and hearts..

  4. Hi, I came here through Tuesday at Ten. I love what you say - every time we encourage, we give a transfusion of courage. Be we little ones or grown-ups, we so need transfusions of courage!


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