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Friday, May 13, 2016

{Happy Anniversary} May is a great month!!

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I shared this photo earlier today on my facebook page and stated that I loved it for "oh so many reasons". I wanted to see if there were any guesses as to why - and I didn't hear a whole lot about it.   That's okay.

I do want to tell you, though, why I love this photo so much!!

This photo was taken yesterday - after my hubby had just put these window clings in my van window.  (you only see one of them here)
You see.  I was heading out to Lancaster Co. for the day and wondering if anyone would even notice them in the back window since the windows are tinted. He was out there making sure the van was road-worthy and to see me off for the day - as he was working from home, yesterday)...

The early morning sun was so bright overhead - I really couldn't tell what I was taking a photo of.  I did, however, notice that our reflection was in the window.  Click.  Click.

Kinda ironic - I thought to myself.  Adding to the one of the reasons why I love this photo.

You see the month of May is holding out to be some really neat things for us.  Scott and I are committed to one another. The reflection in the mirror of us is a picture of our togetherness.   Moving onward and forward.

Tomorrow is our eleven year wedding anniversary!  In fact - while driving down the roads of the beautiful Lancaster Co... I had a CD playing.  The one created special for our wedding and all of our favorite Christian/Country songs...

One being.  Allison Krauss with Keith Whitley, crooning... "The smile on your face, lets me know that you need me, there's a look in your saying you'll never leave me, the touch of your hand - says you'll catch me whenever I fall.  Oh, you say it best, when you say nothing at all"....

I think I teared up a little as I was out there yesterday.

How true.

I cannot believe it has been eleven years of marriage - all of its ups and downs and inside outs and right-sides up.

In May, one year ago - we started to turn our lives around with using the Plexus products...bringing on some really amazing changes.   And, this is something we're doing together!!!

I love how this photo reflects all of that...

Uh oh!!  Change in story just a bit.  What do you see?

So - this morning - I'm heading out the door to take our youngest to school.  I literally pull out of my driveway and lose all function to the van.  I can't steer and lights started coming on.  I coast over to the side of the road - stranded... right in front of my very own house.  Thank the good Lord!!

This could have happened to me anywhere else and even while out in Lancaster - yesterday.  I am so thankful it didn't.

I called my hubby... who was able to leave work early and come home to tend to this...and tend he did.  He figured out the issue yet, obviously, it still needed to be towed/hauled away...  can't do much without a Serpentine Belt Tensioner...   :(

And, I was able to borrow my MIL's car to take our daughter to school... the Lord's provision was so timely.

It doesn't stop there.

Being a part of this company - Plexus - has it's pluses in more than just our health.  It's been a financial blessing to our home as well.  And - we feel confident that some of this extra income can help to offset some of this unexpected cost we incurred - with the van issues.

I just am really, really grateful to be a part of this plexus family.  This team.  It's so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again - I'm so super grateful to have a loving, helpful and supportive husband to walk this road with.  I love it that we are doing. this. together.

Happy May!!  Happy us!!
Happy Anniversary to us!!
What a great month!!  

One year for our Plexus Journey and Eleven Years for our Marriage.

Looking forward to what is ahead for the both of us.  Moving onward and forward.


  1. Happy Anniversary.. and what a blessing that it had issues in front of your house and not on the road, and a blessing to have MIL so close by. I love your song, and it rings so true with the words. I am so happy that this Plexus Journey is going great for you and Scott. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Again, Happy Anniversary..

  2. Congratulations to both of you, celebrating 11 years of marriage, plus your new health adventure. May is a great month!


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