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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

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*** warning: buttercup photo overload ;)  Enjoy!!

Flowers on the windowsill are never an exception.  They are always the rule this time of year!

I caught my girls out in our "empty" cowpasture - over the weekend.  These photos were taken through the dining room window.  I don't prefer they wander the meadow and usually it's a strong "no-no" for them to be out there but I guess since there were no cows and the buttercups kept calling their names (wonder how I could tell?)... I let them continue.  Simply capturing these moments.
They do know that it'll probably be the VERY last time - they can do this.  The grasses will be too high and the tick's will be out aplenty before too long.   This is what we will have to deal with - with no cows to keep the meadow grass at bay.  We miss "our" cows.  Truth is.  
We've never seen so many buttercups in one place before.  ((sigh))

We love they're yellow glow under the chin!!  Buttercups are so dainty and precious..

For now.  I will take ALL their bouquets of buttercups they can collect and call it a Happy Mother's Day - in advance!


If you are Blessed.  Be a Blessing!!


  1. Your girls steal my heart.. Such a wonderful time of life when they are that age. The Buttercups are so pretty.. Enjoy my friend.. Happy Mother's Day early.. You are a blessing..

  2. Oh, those buttercups are simply darling! And you girls are even more darling! Happy Mother's Day Bevy :)


  3. Oh Bevy, this post was lovely! The buttercups are just perfect - my windowsill is almost always covered with some little flowers from my littles. One of my favorite things. Would you believe that I haven't see ANY buttercups growing in AL? And the dandylions too, how I miss them! My kind MIL dug up a big plant of buttercup and brought it down for me. :)
    Aubrey's hair gets more dazzling every time I see her - what a gift she has!
    Happy Mothers Day to a lovely Momma. Hugs!


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