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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wearing well, is a good thing {repost}

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You don't make an important visit in kitchen clothes.  ~ Marilla, Anne of Green Gables

This line keeps running over and over in my head.  I got to thinking about how this might possibly relate for me. 

If you remember the scene (at all) in the movie, Anne had "finally apologized" to Marilla for being so outspoken towards Marilla's friend, Rachel Lynde and she was ready to go and do the same to her.  Apologize.

Anne noticed and mentioned to Marilla just how elegant she looked, just before leaving the house.  Which is when Marilla in her old-school, hard and fast, stubborn like personality said what she said. 

You don't make important visits in kitchen clothes.

As if Anne should know that.  I think Marilla meant well.  She was basically letting Anne in on the "way things were done" in their society.  Going "out" of one's home always meant getting dressed up. Leaving a good impression on someone was quiet important, you see.  Elegant or not.  If you were "wearing well" {that} was a good thing.  It was known as something to do to be respectable.

Are we like this?  More then we realize?  It isn't such a bad idea, is it?  Getting dressed up or special just because we're going out somewhere during the middle of our day.

Or, doesn't it even really matter anymore?

For me.  I've been thinking about this for awhile now.  I'm a stay-at-home-mom.   There are days I can feel as frumpy as I look.  Or the other way around - I probably look as frumpy as I feel.  It's hard and tiring work to be at home all of the time.  We can quickly don the idea that if no one sees me (but the kids) I don't have to "dress up".

But.  I've decided to change all of that.  As much as I can.  I don't go out much... at all.  And, that's okay.  I kinda like it that way.  But...

I've started to wear skirts - most every single day.  I feel prettier.  There are several reasons for doing so but most importantly I just want to look more feminine. (For one, my three year old daughter pretty much refuses to wear anything but skirts and dresses - and she names them!  Like this: "Mom, can I wear my flower, flower, flower dress today?) :) 
I don't always wear makeup - during the day.  But... I will often spritz on a bit of HAPPY perfume...and at least wear me some earrings.  I try to keep my hair somewhat "together".  (I do happen to have a frizzy, curly do...)

I don't want the random day of me getting dressed up and having to hear my children ask "where are we going?"... I'd rather them just see mom looking good, just because.  It matters to my man as well - that I look like I care about myself (and him) when he walks in the front door.  It does matter.

You never know...at least I don't, around here... when someone (family or non) is going to pay an important visit to the front door.  It never fails.

If you have to wear grungy or choose too - because your outdoors (gardening or farming) more then inside your home, keeping home... then wear that smile.  At least, the smile? 

It wears well, too.

Remember?  A smile is a light in the window of your face to show your heart is at home

Did you notice the tomato is wearing a heart?  I took that photo this morning because I noticed it while I was washing up dishes.  It looked like it "adorned itself", got dressed up, ready for the day.  I'm pretty positive it is just a watermark dried on there... but too cute. 

And a great reminder for me today.

Wearing well, is a good thing.

She is clothed with strength and dignity, she can laugh at the days to come.  ~ Proverbs 31:25


  1. Ok , so this is one of the reasons I just absolutely love my little blog world. I had just showered, after a long day of canning, to get ready to go to prayer meeting at our church. I was feeling tired and frumpy and definitely not in the mood to get "dressed up". My thoughts and justification for my tshirt and sweats was 'it's just prayer meeting". I know, not the best mind frame. I opened my computer and there was your post! Hmmm, talk about conviction! With a new mind frame and attitude about my appreamce I'm now ready to walk out the door. By simply swapping the sweats for a comfortable, yet classy skirt and putting on a pair of ear rings I feel, even if actually i don't, like I've got all together. I just wanted to say thank you for this post. It was great encouragement to me as silly as it may sound.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Bev. How we present ourselves to our family and to those outside our home is so very important. I have more to share sometime, but until then, blessings to you for taking care to give your best to those you love the most.

  3. Holly - thanks for stopping by and commenting, especially in what you shared. That is so encouraging to me. How that in reading what I wrote influenced you to do something different.

    Please note that I'm not a "stringent" with this. But (since) in being more intentional about "dressing up" daily... I really do "care" about it if I get caught (so to speak) in dress-down clothes. For instance - I do still have around one pair of capri shorts... I feel their comfortable but I also feel "frumpy" in them...and all day long I think about it, and almost will go change.
    It's funny.

    If you don't mind me asking... What are you studying in Bible Study right now?

    1. Im doing the "woman after God's own heart" by Elizabeth George for a daily bible study and our church studies have really been focusing on the old testament. I'm a "new" so to speak stay at home wife. We are hoping and praying for children soon. I'm really learning and growing into my God given role as a wife, as a Christian wife should be. I tend to get so focused on my duties of the home, church and community that I let myself go. I'm realizing I really need to take care of myself and feel good about myself in order to be able to give myself and time to others. Does that make sense?! Just something as simple as taking pride in my appearance to go to church really helped my attitude and I was able to be in prayer and in study with a more open joyful heart. Again thank you for sharing your heart with us. You just never know the impact it may have. Blessings to you and yours!

    2. I love any book by Elizabeth George. In particular this book you mentioned - A Woman After God's Own Heart. I know I haven't read that in an awfully long time.

      Again.. thanks for stopping by!

  4. Tracy - I would love to hear more of your thoughts on this, sometime.

    Coffee some morning? Here in my home? I would love to have you over.

  5. Once our kiddos get settled with the business of school, you and I shall visit and feast at my kitchen table. I'll be looking for you soon, Bev!

  6. Oh, wait! Can we still be friends even if I don't drink coffee?! :)

  7. Bev, just loving your blog. Skirts are my first preference most days, especially in the summer. I believe I am treated better when I am out in public when I am wearing a skirt or just dressed up nicer. People offer more respect and I notice a lot more polite manners. Maybe it's in my head, but I don't think so. I do feel better about myself when I dress up.
    We definatley carry ourselves differently when we are dressed nicely and feel good about ourselves. That comes across to whomever we meet during our day. For many of us that would be our children and husband. Who better to dress up for then the ones we love the most.

    There is often great discussion around this topic. Like Tracy said, there is a lot to share. Thank you for sharing your heart Bev.

  8. Great post Bevy! This has been playing on my mind too lately. BC {Before Children} applying make-up and making an effort was just a part of what I did each morning. As time goes on I have certainly slipped into the 'only the kids see me' thought pattern. But I have found that by not making an effort has -over time- made me feel less beautiful, glamorous, capable - however you want to put it. On days that I dress with a little extra femininity and apply just a little make-up - even if it is just mascara and lipstick - I feel more together! Like I can cope with whatever comes my way. Weird isn't it?

    I too have decided to change my 'selective frumpy' ways :o) - Thanks for another great post.
    Blessings in Christ
    Shirley Ann

  9. may the Lord bless you, bev, in your effort to put your best foot forword in your home, for your husband, for your children, for your GOD! its been a while since i also began making that effort and now its effortless:) i too got the comment when i began, "where are we going, mommy?" humbling to be sure.

  10. This is a really good post.

    I agree whole heart with you on every last bit of it.

    There is not a day that doesn't go by that someone doesn't visit us. Which I enjoy, but not if I don't put myself together each morning.

    {i'm sure this is worth a repost later down the road when we've all forgotten the importance of "wearing well"


  11. Bevy,
    I have to say that I personally have witnessed that peoples perception of a "Lady" is so much more on the forefront if a woman is in a skirt and dressed nice. I worked retail for years, and many times the conversation in mixed company would change if a woman who was dressed in a skirt would enter the room. I watched this from afar, and often would hear especially a man would change his words or if a bad word came out he would apologize instantly. I love the aspect of being womanly and prefer to be treated as a Lady not just a girl. So I believe we should all try to look our best to set a great example to the younger girls for sure. Great post..


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