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Monday, May 9, 2016

While I can't say it's healing...I can say things are changing for the better!! | My Health Testimony

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One year later - and I guess it's time to share... what's changing in and for our family!!!!  Thank you for taking the time to read...

My Plexus Story.

I guess I should say “our plexus story”, because me, my husband and our eight-year-old son, Caleb, are all using the Plexus Products.  In fact, it is nearing our one-year mark of using these wonderful, life-changing supplements.

I can’t remember the exact time or date my sister first mentioned Plexus to me.  But what I can say is - what if?  What if she had never shared?  And what if this is the last thing I'll ever do again for my health and for the health of my family?

I remember my sister handing me a packet of printed-out, intriguing testimonials that someone had given her to read - asking if I had ever heard of these products?  Only then, at the time, did I read and reread these testimonies but remained largely aloof, for months, as they sat on my nightstand, shoved under and pulled out to be read and reread again and again. Out of sight, outta mind - you might say, until one day… I really took a look.

I wouldn’t say I was necessarily skeptical… although I was perplexed.  Intrigued, is maybe more the term I should use.  Here I was reading testimonies of how folks were finding relief with things from Lyme, plantar warts, headaches, anxiety and mood swings, weight loss and so much more.   These were a lot of the same things I was personally struggling with.

How could all of these health issues be alleviated or helped - by just one line of product?

When I asked Scott (my husband) to take a look – he was actually willing to give it a try. After all, nothing else had worked.  We found out that there was an Informational Meeting close to our home and we decided to go and check it out.  We learned so much that evening. As well.   No one pushed us to sign up for anything because it was for our education only.   The one thing I do remember is the phrase ... "If you decide to take advantage of these products, you will feel SO much better".  

It was the end of May 2015, when we decided to sign up right away as an Ambassador – simply to take advantage of the deeply discounted prices – of the products.  We knew we both wanted/needed to be on these products.  For my husband and I – our reasons were different.  While the Plexus products do mention that “Natural Weight Loss” may occur, it was never once promoted to us that this was solely its benefit.  Yet, this was my husband’s desire.  My fingers were crossed!

I, on the other hand, knew and understood I was truly dealing with Candida Overgrowth and wanted to see if and how these products could help with my Lyme, Planter Warts and such…

Regular bowel habits were not part of our story, either.  We needed a change.

Within just a few weeks of consistently using the core products - the Triplex Combo (Slim, BioCleanse, ProBio5) – we began to notice increased energy, loss of inches and pounds and for sure – reduced cravings.  In particular, our coffee habit**.  I'll tell this amazing story, at the end of my post. ;)

 I believe we also began saving money on our groceries as well. ;)   It wasn't that I was changing - much - in how I was cooking in the kitchen per say - it was just that I was putting more back into the freezer (as leftovers) simply because we weren't eating as much.  What a curve ball...

But we began to notice other things, too.  Scott's toenail fungus issue was resolving.  Something he was dealing with long before we were married.  His joint aches and pains were alleviated... and so were my Lyme symptoms.  (This alone - was most phenomenal!)  I know the Plantar Warts that cover both of the bottoms of my feet will take longer because I've been dealing with them for like forever... but they are changing.  Things are slowly happening here.  But happening - just the same.

All in all - I could not believe how I was feeling...

Enter my eight-year old's story.  

So, as I was learning more and more about Yeast Overgrowth and Candida.  That this candida feeds on sugar and dead and dying matter... and how that anything "white" is candida/yeast.  I got to thinking about ALL the antibiotics and such that myself and my son had gone through - from DAY ONE of his life!! I began to put two and two together to realizing... my son was STILL so sick on the inside - more than I even realized

When Caleb was born - I had no idea I was so sick.  I had no idea how serious our situation was. Here I am going into labor almost two weeks early - with an infection in my amniotic fluid.  An infection called - Chorioamnionitis.  This resulted in me having an emergency C-section and my baby spending the first 5 days of his life, in the NICU, on antibiotics  - as well as myself.  Only for me to develop a secondary infection in my incision and requiring even more antibiotics.  Breast Feeding was horrible... I had little to no milk for him... and he was constantly constipated - especially as an infant.

All of this to say.  It's no wonder - looking back, now - to realize that every time Caleb turned around in his young life and thought of a germ, it would put him out - and under.  SICK as a dog!!  For days at a time.  Eye infections, ear infections, asthma, strep throat, hives, rashes (of any and every kind), trouble concentrating in school (a.k.a. brain fog), etc.   Spiking fevers all of the time - and back on another round of antibiotics - until he started having allergic reactions to those...

Vicious cycle.

I started faithfully using the Triplex Combo (Slim, BioCleanse and ProBio5) on Caleb - since December of 2015.  Folks... I am noticing  a remarkable change in my son. He has been the healthiest I have ever seen my son to be.  Even the teachers at school - sending home letters of "what is going on with this kid?" - that just having a consistent bathroom habit is making this kid a happy kid.

He loves and is very willing to take these products - knowing how much better he is feeling... all around.

Real quick.  My middle child - who was always the healthiest of us meaning if Aubrey got sick we'd all be sure to catch what she had, refuses to use the plexus products (except for the family chewable multivitamin) was actually our sickest kid this year.  Go figure.

Jayne - our youngest - we would have always said - seemed reminiscent of her brother.  She would get sick fairly often too.  Not as bad as Caleb - but notably so.  Well...guess what!  During my pregnancy with her - I was on another strong round of antibiotics for a case of Phlebitis...in my right leg.  No wonder this trickled down to my daughter...

I'm not saying antibiotics aren't necessary and don't have their place... I'm grateful for their help, when needed.  But what I wish I would have known about or thought about was the HELPFUL and MUCH NEEDED benefit of Probiotics on the other side or during...

I'm so grateful for finding these Plexus Products.   I know I'm having to backtrack and reverse the effects of what our family has gone through - and it's going to take TIME to get our bodies back.  But the truth is... they are!!

These products work.

Yes - sometimes the detox symptoms are not easy to go through - but I'm willing to push through knowing that each layer or level of die-off is short lived and that there is "healing" happening all the while... I'm using these products.  Having consistent and regular bathroom habits has been life-changing, as well.

I'm also so thankful for the new-found energy I have.  I'm also happy to report that my husband's desire came true.  Remember - he was hoping to lose weight?  Well... he did!  To date...Scott lost a total of 47 pounds...over the course of this year.   I have lost notable inches and only 15 pounds (so far) - but I'll take it.  Compared to how I was feeling and now?... I am so happy!!

This is a journey.  I know it's going to take time and patience and consistency on our part and I can't wait to see how our lives will continue to "change".  Everybody will have a different story...and as you can see or read... even between my husband, son and myself - our stories are different.

(Disclaimer:  I can not say and I hope you do not hear me saying that these products are what is healing my/our bodies.  I know that as toxins are being expelled and flushed out of our systems that the body does what it is naturally meant to do and that is what, when and where true healing takes place.  And, secondly - I cannot tell you to give these products to your kids - except for the XFactor Family Chewables - but that is for you to decide.  Technically - from Plexus Worldwide itself.  I must tell you that these products have not been FDA approved and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)

I want to quick share a funny for our family - and this is the coffee story - I had previously mentioned.

About two, three weeks into our start of Plexus... we had some coffee drinking friends over for dinner and afternoon/evening visit.  With these dear friends it was not unusual to burn through several pots of coffee during our time together.  Not to mention it would mostly be Scott and I who would do our fair share of polishing off a pot of coffee ourselves - times two.    So - when we didn't deliver in serving coffee... they asked us - "Where's the coffee?"

To our laughing amazement and dismay - Scott and I looked at each other - dumbfounded.  Number one - we didn't have enough coffee grounds to make one single pot and so we borrowed from our neighbor (my brother and his wife) - but we totally could not believe that it had been this long and we had not brewed one single pot of coffee for these past couple of weeks.  See usually - we would brew a pot first thing in the morning - Scott would fill his thermos thingy and head off to work.  I would drink the rest of that pot and then after dinner we would brew a whole nother 12-cup pot of coffee and drink on that all evening... and think nothing of it.  So to go from all of that coffee to none and not even think about it was pretty amazing!!  Our cravings have totally changed.

Now today - one year later?  It's not that I won't have a cup here and there... I will.  But I certainly do not need a whole pot or more in one day.

Love, love, LOVE the changes Plexus is making in our lives!!!!!!!!!  I'm so looking forward to any further and more future changes as well.  

Friends -  I'm only sharing this because if these products didn't work - why in the world would I even bother to mention it, in the first place?  And, I share often (mostly through my facebook page) - because I truly care for the ones I love and for the ones I know who could reap some of the same benefits as our family has.

Do you think you may have more questions?  Feel free to contact me, or ask them right here in the comment section.  I would be glad to help!

Thank you for your fine support and "listening" to our family's testimony on Plexus.



  1. I am glad that you shared this. I have been thinking about trying this. I have a chronic cough due to acid reflux. Nothing I have tried has worked to relieve my cough. There are times when I even wake hubby up in the night coughing in my sleep. Not only is it annoying, but hubby points out that it is not good for me to cough so much. If I were to lose a pound or two that would be a bonus also! I am praying about trying this.

    1. Hello Wendi!!
      thanks for stopping by. Yes! I'm going to say the same thing that I was told. If you decide to take advantage of these amazing - all-natural, plant based products, you will be so glad you did. I'll pray that you make the best decision for your health - whether it is using Plexus or not.

    2. Wendi - have you been talking with anyone in specifics regarding Plexus? If not - I would love to be of help! Wondering if you are on Facebook or not? Feel free to contact me further if you are interested!!

  2. WOW!!!!! I am so happy for you and your family, especially Calab!
    These products sound really amazing!!!!!
    They must be full or probiotics and other goodies.

    I have a friend who is using Plexus products and claims the same things you have.
    Is it Multi-Level marking?

    1. Hey Christine - Yes, it is an MLM based company. And, YES! These products are amazing.

      I'm going to borrow a few words from a friend of mine - because I like how she says it best.

      " MLM is built on "word of mouth", friend to friend, rather then advertising to the masses. If it were not for this very method that I found out about Plexus through my friend,______, whom I trust. I don't think I would have given it a second thought. I'd so much rather be listening to friends, hearing their stories, than zoning out during commercials directed at the masses".

      This is the truth. I would rather listen to friends, trusted friends... and give it a try rather than what the latest and greatest phase is out there in the public masses.

      Have you been in talks with your friend? Is this something you would like to try, sometime? Email me - if I can be of any help!!

      I love your enthusiasm and full support - in the way of my family. You're such a sweet friend.

  3. I agree, friends recommendations are the BEST way to get information. That's how I get most of my information on anything, recipes, doctors, shopping, placed to visit, and just about anything else.
    I think MLM has gotten a bad rap and not all are bad.
    Yes, I've talked with her but not to an extent.
    And yes, I will email you with questions.
    Thank you for the sweet compliment. I consider you a dear friend. (Love your kids).

  4. I love your testimony Bevy.. I am so happy that Caleb and the family is doing so well with all of this.. You too.. Sure is something to think about.. Thanks for sharing..

  5. I'm so happy for all of you! I know it's made wonderful differences for you! I was great to read your plexamony!


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