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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Changes. Ready or Not... here they come!

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Ready or not... Changes are on the rise.

If you follow me on Facebook, at all, you've seen a lot of photos lately.  :)

You know our kids have celebrated their last day of the school year, this past Monday.
With that... I've done quite a bit of sewing for each of the teachers and bus driver... making Pocket Pouch and Tea Wallet gifts!!

I celebrated my 43rd birthday - with my family - as we enjoyed a family vacation to Niagara Falls, via bus, with my daughter's Frontier Girl Troop....
In the past... 43 was an age I was not willing to embrace.  Surprisingly... I think I've overcome that one.  When you feel really good (healthwise) - it's amazing how your thoughts and feelings feel pretty good, too!

You may have figured out that I am aunt all over again.  My brother and his wife had their first baby.
 A little girl!  By photos, she is so sweet, yet I'm anxious to meet her in person. :)

We have "new" neighbors (for not sure how long)... and "old", original neighbors who are moving on, to other housing arrangements.  In time, it will be our turn.  We keep hearing random rumors about the demise of this property - that has been our home for seven/eight wonderful years.  It makes for something rather bittersweet.

It's been strange seeing more wildlife critters in and out of the fence - rather than the cows!!
Definitely, taller grasses and TONS more wildflowers...

Yet, life goes on. 
There is still laundry to be done and "gardening" to tend too.

I'm so, so thankful for the gorgeous weather that has been part of this week, so far.  WOW!!!

Psalm 116:7
Be at rest once more, O my soul, 
For the LORD has been good to you.

A beautiful handwritten scripture on the inside of one of many birthday cards.  
Perfect timing in it's reminder.

I truly am so blessed!


  1. Bevy, THank you for always sharing goodness of your life. I am so thrilled to follow along and know your health is improving. I still think about trying all of this, and as I said before, that I had to talk to my DR. I was suppose to go to her in May but plans changed on her end and my appt was cancelled. Her son had to have heart surgery. So with that I will be seeing her in August. I am gonna ask her opinion. I will keep you updated. The trip looked like fun was had and enjoyed. Happy Birthday again and watch for the package it went out today. Post office said it should be there by Friday.. or earlier.. :) Anyway, thanks for posting the goodness and I will be praying all good comes from the changes that may come your way.. BLess you friend..

  2. Change is inevitable, but hard. I pray you get through it with a happy heart. I love all the pictures. And Aubrey's note to the bus driver was so sweet. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy (belated) birthday, Bevy!! Our age....just a number! :) Sounds like the Lord is blessing you in so many ways these days....what a wonderful God we serve! It must be unsettling to not know what is to happen to the home you have lived in and loved...but, the Lord goes before you, and He is faithful. Just rest your heart in Him and His plans...they are good! Happy Summer!! Hugs, Camille


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