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Thursday, June 2, 2016


.. . .... . ... . ... .. .... .. . .. .. . .. ... . .. . ... .. . . .. . 
Do you hear that?

Let me guess.  You think the voice of this blog has dropped to a mere whisper.  
And, you're probably right.

Should I speak up?  Or, do you like the quiet...and every now and then a voice loud and true?

I know this has been unintentional. 
 I'll tell you what has been happening, though.
I'm so thoroughly enjoying this new business that I'm currently journeying and honestly...it's own voice is calling pretty strong! :)

I'm so blessed!!

I love these photos of my little one and her stylin' style... of play. :)

Have a great rest of the week!
Until next time... and maybe I'll hear from you, too!



  1. LOVE the photos of your little one; and those of the rest of your family...the bags are awesome! I'll stop by later to browse your Etsy!!

    Stopping by from Karen's link-up for Tuesday @ Ten; I'm actually posting this today, Thurs., instead of on Monday night! Thanks for sharing your voice, even if through a whisper, and not as often.

  2. When I read the topic so many things came to mind.. Voice.. wow such a powerful word for me.. and yet I work towards being more quiet.. I am happy for you with this new business..and that your family is more healthy.. I still am on the cautious side.. Jayne looks so adorable, and I love the little ring she has on her finger.. I recall those days when my Kylie wore those, and today she started her first job.. Wow time flies.. Enjoy..
    Hugs dear one...

  3. Your voice may be more infrequent but it is certainly as loud as ever. I love all the pictures of your Jayne. So sweet.


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