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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Building Home

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How are you building your home - today?

Proverbs 24:3-4
By wisdom a house is built ...
And by knowledge the rooms are filled
With all precious and pleasant riches.

I've been thinking of this.  Pondering.  
The implications of a life-giving home... are strong!
What does that look like and how?
What can I learn and what can I do better?

Can't wait to find out...
I've been gifted this book as part of a birthday gift and it's been a slow, but good read.
The Life-Giving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson

As well, the same old - same old.  LIFE continues to happen as it does.
The laundry still needs to fill the line...
Finding a little creative inspiration for my kitchen...
The business is growing by leaps and bounds (BTW: my husband and I are having a blast! - working this together...) and yet I still find time to sew, for HERE!

Having my kids home all day long with less camps, this year ... enjoying these slow summer days.

I'm grateful for each new day the Lord grants to me.  
How the opportunity to build my home on the rock of his salvation... 
is constant and imperative!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!

You know what?  I know my blogging has been some touch-and-go here, so thanks for stopping by to read - would you just say "hello" (here via comments) - I would love to hear from you...

How is your summer going so far?


  1. Good morning! Dropping by from Mrs. White's place. I'm going to check out your etsy shop. This seems a lovely place to visit.

    Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. Good Morning,
    Just stopping by to say hello this Monday morning. Washing machine going full speed already this Monday and taking time to read a bit. I too love the SLOW days of summer. If only Hubby was home to sit with me on the porch.. One must work though.. I can't wait to dive into the book as well. Monday here in Ky is overcast but a good day to do housework. Hope your Monday is a Sunny one.. :)

  3. What lovely pictures of home building Bevy! :)

  4. Hi Bevy! Just had a minute to say hi! How is everything? Any news as to whether you are moving or not? You are all in my prayers!

    Our summer started with my husband in the hospital, but things are getting better! :)


Thanks for coming by, today! You're visits always mean so much...

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