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Monday, July 25, 2016

When the wears and cares of our heart are many...

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What wears you down?  What wears you out?  Is there anything?
What cares of the soul loom large?  Are there some?
Give it to Jesus.

Sounds so simple.
But is it?

When I read the verse in Scripture that says...
Casting all your care (anxiety) on Him; for he careth for you (1Peter 5:7, KJV)

I have to choose to trust him in this.  I can do this.  I can leave it ALL at his feet...and in his hand!
You can, too!!

It's not easy.  And, we need daily and constant encouragement to do so.

I want to share a testimony/story regarding my next door neighbor.  While this is really her story to tell - I want to share it from my perspective - as something to never forget.

My neighbor friend is a strong woman of faith and prayer.. and yet, like many of us (as I have alluded to) she needs constant encouragement to press in and trust!!

She and I (my family and hers) are all in the same boat of "what will happen with the property where we live"... things are continuing to change here but there is not a lot of communication regarding it from the folks (aka: bank) in "trust" of the property.. so it's been a waiting game.

Which that alone allows worry to flood in... or it can!!
Where will we move to?  When should we move?  Location really matters.  What can we possibly afford?  This is ONLY what I can afford - but we need this amount of space and would prefer this or that, etc.

So, I don't know how many times, since our landlord's passing - that my neighbor friend would come over to have a listening ear turned her way.  Talking out her fears, worries and cares...
Shed a few tears and, we'd pray.

One early Sunday afternoon - a knock at our front door interrupted our noon meal prayer!!

It was Mr. Shae--** .... man we had never met before.
He was asking if we knew of anyone who needed an apartment!  He knew our landlord, Mr. A, because Mr. A's older brother had lived in this apartment before heading to the local Nursing home! He also knew Mr. A - always kept good tenants...and so he thought he'd come by!

His greatest concern was that he would find someone - a good tenant - preferably by word-of-mouth where he wouldn't have to advertise or put a sign in the yard.  He was hopeful for someone who was a believer!

Long story short!
My neighbor friend pretty much had her prayers and concerns answered and handed to her straight up on a beautiful silver platter!  She is moving, to this new apartment/home, this coming weekend.  :)

I get the chillbumps every time I think of and share my friend's story!  I'm so happy for my friend... and will miss her here, and our times of sharing and caring for one another.

When the wears and cares of our heart are many...
Jesus knows; he listens.  He responds!!

It's a reminder of what a wonderful and faithful God we serve!! He has provided!! He has provided for my friend.  He'll do the same for our family... when the time is right.  He cares!!
He will care for our every need!!
Every.  Single.  One.

How about you?  Are you walking through a dry field of dreams.  Where things don't look to promising?  This may only be a season.  A season to let go and to trust for his provision.

Look for the beauty there, in that place... and be encouraged.  Jesus holds it ALL in his hand!

Have a Blessed Week!!


  1. WOW.. Loved the story and in Awe of how GOD works things out. Prayers for you sweet Bevy and family. Thanks for sharing such a inspiring post. BLess you

  2. thewarmfireplaceJuly 29, 2016 at 5:36 PM

    Thank you so much for your post, what a wonderful answer to pray for your neighbour. God bless Sue


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